5 Ways to Make Your Building Healthier

Making a building healthier has many positive impacts. A healthy building is kinder to the environment and improves the well-being of the people who use it. This helps increase employee productivity and lower absenteeism – which can have a positive effect on your business’s visitors and reputation.

There are numerous ways in which buildings can be made healthier. Consider the following tips:

1. Air Quality

Having good air quality in a building is an easy way to improve the health of your building. Look at how air is filtered, the condition of the HVAC system, and if there is any dirt, mold, or odor. Regularly maintain these systems and replace when necessary.

2. Water

Having a well-run water system is another important aspect to making a building healthier. Schedule a water audit to determine where water is being used or wasted and if it’s acceptable for drinking. Install efficient toilets, which will be kinder to the environment and cost less in utilities.

3. Perfect Plants

Maintaining well-kept grounds around a building make the whole area healthier and happier. Opt for plants that are natural to the area, as you’ll spend less time spent on maintenance and see more successful growth. You should also have plants indoors – this helps to lift the mood and add character. Looking at plants has also been shown to improve attention control and productivity, a plus for any business setting.  

4. Encourage Everyone to be Active Through a Strong Community

If there is a large sense of community, your occupants can inspire each other to make healthier choices. Consider starting programs that encourage cycling to work, car sharing, and exercise. Make the stairwells more attractive and actively promote using them to save using energy to run the elevators. Educate the people in your building on the importance of a strong recycling policy, paper saving, and the reusing of items.

5. Sustainability

Having a sustainable building is a powerful way of keeping it (and the people inside) as healthy as possible. Try to conserve energy and water while still considering the comfort of the occupants. If you opt for green products, green energy sources and sustainable waste management, your building can be healthier than ever before.