Facility Maintenance Tips for Rain

Florida is one of the wettest states in the US, so it’s important to ensure your facility is ship shape and watertight. The rainfall can be quite intense, so it’s essential you keep on top of maintenance to ensure no long-term damage occurs. Look at these top tips for facility maintenance in Florida’s rain:

1. Preparation

To fail to plan is to plan to fail as the famous saying goes, so take action during the drier winter months. This means repairing roofing, clearing gutters, trimming back trees, and making all windows and doors are secure. You should have a checklist in place, with any hazards identified and information about how you have addressed them.

2. Be Proactive

After preparing as much as possible, continue to be very proactive. If there are weaker areas in the building you identified in your preparation, keep an extra eye on these and continue to maintain them if needed. You should be vigilant, as a small leak is much easier to fix than a large one. Check windows and doors and remember to always keep safety at the forefront off your mind. If water seems to be collecting in certain outdoor areas, address this immediately by redirecting the water to prevent any damage.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Unwanted Visitors

Heavy rains can encourage critters of all kinds to seek shelter in your building, so look out for warning signs of unwanted visitors. If you find any, take action immediately.

4. Take Extra Care After Heavy Rainfall

If your building experiences heavy rainfall, you need to extra attentive the following day. Roofing can go through a lot, especially during the height of the rainy season, from being poured on to experiencing extreme heat and winds. Scan the roof carefully to check for weather damage.

5. Think about Appearance and Safety Issues Inside  

During a rainstorm, have sufficient mats in place for the occupants to wipe their feet in doorways and have plenty of wet floor signs available. Consider having places for wet umbrellas to be kept. By having these items, you can avoid water and mud from being trailed throughout the building, as well as reduce accidents due to floors being slippery. It is also wise to regularly check and mop the floors, even on days when the sun is shining.