Adding Maintenance To Your Strategic Planning 

Annual objectives, action steps, SWOT analyses: business and facility managers are well-versed in these areas of strategic planning. The “big picture” ideas are the focus of strategy meetings, though often the details used to fill in the gaps are lacking. However, very few facility leaders consider the consequences of putting key tasks such as staffing and maintenance on the back burner. 

At MaintenX, we understand the dynamic nature of facility management. In order to succeed, you must be lean, cutting-edge, and relentless in cutting costs. However, we urge our clients to consider their maintenance as a core element of strategic planning. While not as “glamorous” as discussions about innovation, maintaining your building, services, and staff is the foundation for success. 

Maintenance programs provide competitive advantages in several ways. They provide an outlet for continual growth, as opposed to minute declines in productivity that go undetected until they become catastrophic. Ineffective preventative maintenance may seem like a sound cost-cutting measure until the day comes when an equipment malfunction becomes a major hindrance. 

A lack of maintenance protocol also invites the risk of reputation damage. Facilities and equipment that are not well-maintained can malfunction in ways that cause disruptions in productivity or put employees at risk. This manifests into news headlines that can bring unwanted attention to your company name. By investing in maintenance you’re not only avoiding equipment malfunctions but potential PR crises, as lacking in maintenance can make for newsworthy issues at the facility interior and exterior structure. 

Maintenance training should also be included in strategic planning. Ineffective training in any discipline leads to costly mistakes and safety risks. While the upfront costs of training may seem high, the cost of an accident due to ignorance is much higher. 

Training investments are also essential due to the declining number of workers in maintenance fields. There is an “aging out” trend in maintenance fields such as plumbing, HVAC repair, and electrical work, which puts unprepared companies at a great disadvantage. As fewer young professionals go into these fields, those that excel will be highly valued. If your company invests in training the next generation, you will end up on top in facility performance. 

You can invest in proper training and maintenance staff, or outsource to a facility maintenance contractor. There are several advantages to outsourcing, including reduced training and staffing costs, and guaranteed effective service. MaintenX offers outsourced maintenance services from one of the largest contractor networks in the nation. If you want to plan smart for your facility maintenance, our staff is the best choice all around. 

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