How To Reduce Reactive Maintenance Costs 

At MaintenX, our customers know that preventative maintenance is a top priority for our staff. We believe that proper care of equipment and systems provides the best solution for our clients as well as our technicians. However, unavoidable accidents and unexpected malfunctions will occur. So, the question remains, how do we keep the expense of reactive maintenance under control? 

This question should be resolved between your maintenance and your management teams. Your maintenance team should also be able to operate under the assumption that you are investing in predictive and preventative maintenance before developing strategies for reduction of reactive maintenance costs. If you are not investing in preventative maintenance, you are behind in your maintenance strategic planning. It is the #1 way your facility can reduce reactive maintenance services across the board. 

If you have already invested in preventative maintenance services but are still struggling to pay for reactive maintenance costs, there are several steps you can take to eliminate these outliers:

Identify trigger points of failure. Immediately after reactive maintenance service is performed, you should work with your technician to identify the root cause of the failure. Your technician may be able to easily identify it, or they may need to perform a defect identifying walk-through of the facility to uncover systemic issues that lead to malfunction. By finding root causes to equipment issues (such as improper handling, lack of routine maintenance, etc.) you can dictate and implement changes to avoid the problem in the future.  

Summarize data. Data analysis should be a part of the failure diagnostics process. Looking at data on equipment malfunctions will tell you a lot not only on the performance of critical machinery, but can guide you to budgeting for reactive maintenance as well as equipment upgrades in the future. If you know the likelihood of failure for a piece of equipment, you can better prepare for reactive maintenance costs, and know when it’s time to search for a replacement rather than a repair service. 

Communicate with your maintenance team. Your maintenance team has years of wisdom to share with your facility management. By working with your maintenance team, you can gain valuable information about your facility as a whole. No one knows the ins and outs of your building like electricians, plumbers, roofers, and HVAC techs onsite. Ask them for input in maintenance strategic planning and you’ll see an undeniable drop in reactive maintenance costs. 

The team at MaintenX wants to help you avoid reactive maintenance costs whenever possible. Talk to your local MaintenX team to learn about our predictive and preventative maintenance services. 

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