Affordable HVAC Upgrades To Consider For Your Facility

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning: the essentials of comfort in your facility or office building. Without a proper HVAC system, your staff will not only be uncomfortable but also unproductive and exposed to poor indoor air quality. Your HVAC system is surprisingly important to your facility, but is yours qualified to handle the job?

If you’re dissatisfied with your HVAC unit, it could be time for an upgrade. However, new installations can be costly. You may not feel as if you have room in your maintenance budget for such an undertaking. However, there are situations in which an upgrade can add comfort while also minimizing your maintenance expenses. 

Benefits of Upgrading Your HVAC System:

  • Employee or tenant comfort – Those occupying your facility will be more comfortable in their environment, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction. 
  • Increased property value – If you own a rental property or make your income from regular tenants at your facility, an upgraded HVAC unit can justify a higher property value and higher rental rates.
  • Product quality assurance – If your facility manufactures a product with high standards, a state-of-the-art HVAC system can improve the manufacturing environment and remove potential contaminants from the air. 
  • Lower energy costs – An upgraded HVAC unit will operate more efficiently, thereby reducing your monthly power expenditures. 

If you believe it’s time for an upgrade, talk to your MaintenX HVAC technician for product recommendations and installation services. The HVAC unit best-suited for your facility will depend on the size and requirements for the building, as well as your local climate. Depending on what your MaintenX technician recommends, there are several options you may want to consider when shopping for a new unit: 

Three HVAC Upgrades to Consider

  • Size and capacity upgrade – HVAC units are sized based on the total square footage of your building, as well as the level of insulation and number of openings (such as doors and windows) present on each floor. You may require an upgrade if you’ve added space to your facility, or have recently installed new doors or windows. However, bigger isn’t always better. Talk to your MaintenX expert about providing a load calculation on your building before purchasing a new unit. 
  • Energy-efficiency upgrade – Energy-efficient HVAC units not only save you money but can improve property value and profitability for your facility. An Energy Star Certified building is typically more efficient than 75% of other commercial buildings and can save you significantly in your monthly energy bills. An energy-efficient HVAC unit is the first step to making your building greener and helping you save money. 
  • HVAC style upgrades to improve curb appeal – Not all HVAC systems are made equally. Many older systems are large, noisy, and run down, making them a distraction to visitors of your lot. Newer HVAC units are typically smaller for their load capacity, quieter, and can be installed in less visible places such as the rooftop of your facility. An aesthetic upgrade may seem like a small change, but it can make a big impact on your facility’s appearance and performance. 

An HVAC upgrade can save you hundreds on maintenance and energy costs. While the MaintenX team is always available for repairs and preventative maintenance checks, we prefer our customers need us as little as possible. Choosing to upgrade your HVAC unit now will make life much easier down the road. 

Talk to your MaintenX expert to learn about HVAC installation service and maintenance options for your facility.