Affordable Waterproofing Options For Commercial Roofing

Waterproofing your roof is essential for any commercial facility. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we encourage all clients to invest in heavy-duty waterproofing due to the harsh hurricane season we experience every summer. However, no matter where your facility is located, waterproofing is critical to ensure the comfort and safety of your tenants. 

Commercial facilities that don’t have waterproof coatings on their roofs may experience:

  • Water intrusion 
  • Mold and mildew growth 
  • Risk of electrical fire
  • Dissatisfied customers and uncomfortable employees
  • Destroyed inventory and equipment 
  • Damage to ceilings and flooring
  • Increased likelihood of pest invasions
  • Poor indoor air quality

Commercial roofs are engineered to withstand a great amount of pressure, but even the strongest of roofing material canfall susceptible to leaks and cracks. Waterproofing your roof will add a protective layer to ensure that if a shingle cracks or roofing is damaged in a storm, your facility is safe. 

Waterproofing during construction is typically done in the form of waterproof membranes. However, you can also waterproof existing roofing with elastomeric coatings. Below are the differences and benefits of each: 

Waterproof membranes – Waterproof membranes are often reserved for new construction. They are applied underneath the roofing material to add an additional layer of protection to the facility. They are lightweight but fortify the structure of the roofing to protect against water and damage from debris. 

Elastomeric coatings – Elastomeric coatings are most often used for existing roofing. This type of sealant can be applied in a paint or spray form and offers additional waterproofing to roofs. It can also be used for exterior walls. This option is more affordable, but does not provide the same level of protection as a waterproof membrane. 

Depending on the age and needs of your facility, Maintenx can help you decide which waterproofing solution is right for your facility. Contact MaintenX today to learn more about the differences and to schedule your next roofing inspections.

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