Four Tips For Hotel and Restaurant Maintenance

Hotels and restaurants are highly volatile and highly competitive businesses. To be sustainable, they must provide a unique and exceptional experience every day. This constant pressure to perform can sometimes mean that essential maintenance tasks get pushed to the back burner in favor of immediate needs. However, this sets up your business for trouble in the future. 

If you own or manage a hotel or restaurant, make your routine maintenance a priority. Not only will it save you from expensive emergency repairs, but it can enhance your guest experience. Keep these four rules in mind when planning and scheduling your preventative maintenance services: 

Schedule after-hours if possible. 

Customers do not want to be limited in their restaurant experience by maintenance staffing. Schedule maintenance after hours at a restaurant or when a hotel room is vacant. This will ensure you never have to deal with emergencies in the presence of paying customers. 

Don’t skip on HVAC or plumbing maintenance. 

A faulty air conditioning or bathroom with leaks is sure to garner negative online reviews for your restaurant or hotel. Those negative reviews aren’t just annoying — they can negatively impact your profits. Make sure your customers are comfortable throughout their experience and never skip on preventative maintenance in these areas. 

Keep your front entrance clean. 

Your front entrance makes the first impression, and may deter guests if you are not keeping it pristine. Schedule services such as pressure washing, painting, roofing repair, and other exterior maintenance services to make your hotel or restaurant look its best to new guests. These services are usually very affordable and make a big difference. 

Have maintenance staff available 24-7 in hotels. 

If your guests have a maintenance emergency, they should be taken care of immediately. It is better to be able to provide a quick service and resume operations than to move to a different room while you wait for your maintenance team to arrive. By having an emergency maintenance service on-call, you can be better prepared to serve guests under any circumstance. 

MaintenX can help your hotel or restaurant stay competitive with effective and affordable preventative maintenance service. We help enhance the guest experience so you can focus on the bigger picture. Contact us today for more details!

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