Alternatives to Paper-Based Maintenance Management Systems

If you’re still using paper to manage your maintenance, chances are you have lost some important data by now. Paper is easily lost or damaged, and it takes up a lot of space; your office is most likely full of binders, shelves, and filing cabinets. You could really do without the clutter, as well as the time it takes to find a particular sheet. In this day and age, you can do almost anything with on a computer, phone or tablet. Using paper is an inefficient use of space, time, and money.

Using a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) will save you time and money – it makes filing, organizing, and searching fast and easy. Extra time is something we all need, and in business extra time means the ability to prioritize.

A CMMS will allow you to input all of your paper data and pick out trends, letting you know when preventive maintenance is necessary and what you are spending on it. Instead of guessing when and how much, you can use data to make strong decisions. If you’re still using paper, take a hard look at software that can make so many aspects of your business easier. 

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