How to Formalize Maintenance Request Processes at Your Facility

In order to formalize maintenance request processes at your facility, you will need some sort of task manager that is easy to use and accessible to everyone. Having software like this will allow anyone to put in a request for something to be fixed, examined, or considered. Emails can get deleted or forgotten, post-it notes are misplaced, work orders fall on deaf ears and so on. 

Using a task manager system streamlines and organizes maintenance requests. If an employee notices something isn’t working properly, they can promptly go to the task manager and report it. The person who fixes the equipment is notified and can see all tasks assigned, allowing the maintenance to be done in a timely manner. Administrators can see what has been completed and what there is left to be done. 

A task manager can also show you where all your maintenance time was spent, as you can see the list of projects for the day and how long they took to complete. This can save time and money knowing exactly how much time and manpower is needed to keep the facility running optimally. Having this sort of system in place keeps equipment running smoothly and efficiently since it is easy for anyone to request – a must-have system for any business.