Ask Your Roofing Contractor If They Have These Certifications 

Are you planning a roofing remodel, new installation, or repair for your commercial facility? If so, it’s important to carefully vet your roofing contractor to ensure they are up for the job. All roofers must go through state licensing programs, but there are other certifications you should look for when choosing your contractor. Below are just a few criteria you should look for before choosing a commercial roofing team. 

You should only hire roofing contractors that have their state license and a strong reputation in the area. Roofers are required by state law to have a license if they are operating independently. However, in Florida, you must have at least four years of roofing experience in order to obtain your license. An apprenticeship is typically completed, so if you’re not careful you may have unsupervised apprentices working on your roof rather than the licensed contractor. Therefore, it is important to look for a reputable company that has good customer reviews rather than just any licensed company in your area. 

Commercial roofers have an inherently dangerous job. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your contractor is also insured before you bring them on the job site. Insurance protects them not only from damages and accidents on the job site, but also protects you from lawsuits if someone is hurt on the job. Be sure to provide a safe working environment free of distraction, and ask your contractor about their insurance before you hire. 

You will also want to ask your roofing contractor about service warranties. This certifies that their work is of quality and that if there are issues with the roofing installation due to improper service, you won’t have to pay for it yourself. A service warranty may be offered by certified contractors of the roofing manufacturer, so look for this offer when you choose your contractor and materials. If not, ask the contractor you choose if they offer their own service warranty. 

Finally, ask your contractor if they have any specialized certifications for roofing services. They may specialize in TPO repairs, emergency roofing repair, or solar panel installation. This will help you choose the right contractor for a specialized roofing installation, or to help you choose a roofer with comprehensive long-term repair services. Or, any roofer with a specialization in preventative maintenance will be a major asset later on. 

MaintenX employs hundreds of certified roofing repair and installation experts across the state of Florida. We not only help you install the right roofing for your facility, but are there every step of the way to ensure safety and maximum long-term performance. 

To learn more about our roofing services, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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