Best Roofing For Florida Commercial Buildings 

Choosing a new roofing material for your commercial facility can be tricky. If you’re replacing old shingles, you may want to stick with what you have. However, new roofing technologies may provide you with more options that you were anticipating. And if you’re beginning with new construction, the options are nearly limitless. From high affordable shingles to advanced solar panel roofing, there is much to consider when choosing your commercial roofing in Florida. 

Florida is a warm and sunny place, which means your choice of roofing material is important. Florida is also susceptible to strong storms and seasonal hurricanes. This means that a cheap roofing material is oftentimes not your best option. You want something that will withstand the storms and not fade over time with direct sun exposure. 

The high intensity of sun can also make it more difficult to control the temperature of your building interior. During the long summer days in Florida, your building will be exposed to direct sunlight for 14 hours a day or more. This can cause issues with climate control unless you install a roof that helps to reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption. 

One option that is becoming increasingly popular for Florida buildings is solar roofing. Because of the high levels of direct sunlight throughout the year, Florida is a prime location for solar panel installations. A durable solar panel can help you reduce energy costs for your facility, and give a sleek, modern look to its exterior. Florida also offers many different incentive programs to help business owners make the switch to solar. 

In addition to energy efficiency and storm resistance, your roofing should be able to easily accommodate a rooftop HVAC unit. Rooftop HVAC systems are incredibly popular in Florida because they prevent damage and reduce noise at the ground level of your facility. Because cooling is typically much more expensive than heating in Florida, investing in a high-performance and adequately sized HVAC system is of great importance for commercial facilities. 

No matter what your priorities may be, you should look for these qualities in your roofing material selection:

  • Can block or reflect sunlight to reduce interior temperature fluctuations
  • Can withstand Cat 5 hurricane winds 
  • Is waterproof or has a water-resistant sealant to protect against heavy rain
  • Has space for a rooftop HVAC unit 

MaintenX offers roofing installation and long-term preventative maintenance for all types of roofing in Florida. We can help you choose the right material, install it efficiently, and help you reduce maintenance expenses through preventative care. For more information, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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