Avoid Workplace Injuries with These Preventative Maintenance Tips

Every company wants to create a safe and efficient workplace for all employees, keeping workplace injuries to a minimum. While accidents do happen, many on-the-job injuries are preventable. In addition to proper training, workplace injuries can often be avoided by ensuring your company has correct preventative maintenance. Here are a few tips to help your business stay injury-free.

Equipment – Many workplace injuries are caused by mishaps with the equipment that employees use. This is especially true in more labor-intensive professions, such as construction, manufacturing, and heavy industry. Although teaching proper handling protocol for these machines is important, making sure equipment is working properly is just as important. If the machinery breaks down or built in safety mechanisms fail, then the risk of injury increases. By having regular preventative maintenance completed on equipment, machines will be properly repaired before there is ever a breakdown. These regular checkups will also cut down on repair costs.

Floors – A lot of workplace injuries result from slips, trips, and falls. There are several measures that can be taken to reduce the risk employees face when it comes to these accidents. Conditions that tend to increase these injuries are spills on the floor, broken or cracked flooring materials and cluttered walkways. All of these issues can be easily prevented.

Apparel – Making sure your employees are dressed properly can also reduce on-the-job injuries. For example, for heavy-lifting jobs, it’s important for workers to wear steel toe boots with lots of ankle support. Depending on the profession you are in, protective eyewear, gloves, closed toed shoes and other appropriate safety gear is an easy way to prevent injury.

Cars – In many professions, employees are expected to drive on the job. It is important that company vehicles are in their safest condition when employees are operating them. Performing all preventative maintenance on the car is a great way to reduce injury risks. If driving is a major part of the job, having employees participate in regular eye exams can also be a good preventative measure.

With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to take preventative steps to minimize workplace injuries.