Prevent Facilities Flooding During Florida’s Hurricane Season

Every year, Florida is susceptible to hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1 and continues through November, bringing the risk of winds, rain and flooding. Hurricane winds can certainly wreak havoc, but the impact from water intrusion can be particularly devastating. Still, you can take measures ahead of time to lessen the impact of flooding.

Fix foundations. If your facility has a leaky foundation with cracks, it will be important to fix them before a major storm. These cracks, even if they are small, can allow flood waters to penetrate the building. Even if flood waters don’t overflow a building, mold can grow where the flood waters did go.

Buy backflow valves. If your sewer system floods, you don’t want backed up sewage and flood water overflowing your toilets. By installing backflow or gate valves on your pipes, you can prevent this from happening.

Clean your gutters. It’s very easy for rain gutters to get clogged with debris from trees and leaves. These blockages can prevent the flow of water and allow excess water to get underneath your shingles and sheathing. Making sure your gutters are clear, especially before hurricane season is a good idea.  

Create flood barriers. It’s important to keep water from entering the facility through windows and doors. Depending on the elevation of your building, you might consider installing flood barriers. In the event of a potential hurricane, it can be a good idea to install flood skirts and use sandbags to block entry points along windows and doors.

Raise machinery. To prevent equipment damage, place machinery, furniture and other items on pallets to get them off the ground to make sure they are too high for flood waters to reach.

It’s important to protect your company’s bottom line from water intrusion during a storm, which requires preventative measures. To help your business remain open, or to quickly re-open after severe weather, follow these helpful tips.