Back To School Maintenance Tips For Commercial Groundskeeping

Hopefully, right now you’re enjoying a long summer break after a tumultuous COVID-19 school semester. However, just because students are home, that doesn’t mean you can completely forget about campus. Commercial groundskeeping is especially important during the summer, as you can accomplish a lot more while students are away. Below are four tasks you should schedule during the summer before class is back in session: 


Trim back trees

Tree overgrowth can cause major issues for your campus. The moss that grows on it will litter your landscaping, and if a tree branch were to fall, it could cause damage to your or your students’ property. Trimming trees during the summer keeps your students safe and won’t disrupt class times with the loud buzz of a chain saw. 


Remove weeds from plant beds

Weeding is a time-intensive part of the landscaping process. However, it gives you the opportunity to replace dying plants and replant fresh flowers for fall. By weeding and replanting during the summer, you can greet students in the fall semester with a greener campus. Summer is also a time when the grass is likely to die and sprout more weeds, so it’s important to not let the overgrowth get out of control. 


Repair fencing 

If you are overseeing a campus for younger children, repairing your fences is critical for safety. Kids can get hurt on fencing that is splintered or cracked. If the fencing is damaged, it may also allow unwanted animals inside the campus, such as stray pets or wildlife. It’s critical to repair any imperfections in your fencing prior to the first day of school in order to keep kids safe from the outside world and ensure they can’t get outside the campus. 


Repair sidewalks and walkways 

Walkways are one of the most important outdoor elements of any school campus. They help move foot traffic and help newcomers find their classrooms with ease. It is critical to maintain these walkways to ensure your students have the best campus experience possible. This may seem like only a practical issue, but it is also an aesthetic one. However, if your sidewalks have cracks and weeds growing in them, your campus will automatically look tired and unimpressive. By scheduling concrete repairs in the summer, your campus will have a fresh look that welcomes students to their new year. 


Campus maintenance can be tricky, which is why MaintenX is here to help. To learn more about our groundskeeping and repair services, contact us today!

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