Why You Need A Commercial Floor Cleaning Specialist

If you operate or manage a small facility, it’s likely that you don’t always hire a specialist for cleaning. For small offices and work spaces, many owners choose to do the cleaning in-house in order to save money. However, this is a practice that can cause a lot of trouble down the road. The cleaning you do in your house is not the same as that which is required for a commercial floor. If you’re leaving the cleaning up to a staff member, you’re likely missing most of the dirt and grime that’s stuck to your floor. 


Many small facilities will opt to use household cleaning products for their commercial space. They’ll use an at-home mop and broom and basic all-purpose floor cleaners that they are familiar with at home. However, most of these products are not designed for commercial flooring material. Unlike your home’s flat tile or hardwood, most commercial flooring is made with anti-slip textured surfaces and requires a different kind of cleaning method entirely to be effective. 


Your at-home cleaning methods won’t cut it for a textured floor that sees 50 to 100 clients or tenants a day. A commercial floor gets much dirtier faster, and only the work of a flooring specialist will do the job. If you haven’t been using a commercial floor cleaning specialist, here’s what you need to do to get back on track:


Corrective cleaning

Before you begin a new commercial cleaning schedule, you’ll first need to do a deep cleaning to remove dirt, grime, and film from residential cleaners. This is especially if you have carpet in your area which traps both dirt and odors over time. Your MaintenX flooring specialist can help you schedule this deep cleaning during off-hours to allow time for both wet and dry cleaning that restores your floor back to its original state. 


Choosing the right tools

Once you’ve completed your corrective cleaning, your facility should invest in commercial floor cleaning tools for everyday use. Replace your household mop and broom with supplies that are made for your type of flooring, and invest in commercial-grade learners that have a neutral pH and won’t leave a residue on textured flooring. This will help you and your staff keep up with effective regular maintenance. 


Get on a schedule

Finally, talk to your MaintenX flooring specialist about creating a regular corrective cleaning and floor maintenance schedule. Once you find a routine that works for your facility, you’ll see the cost of corrective cleanings go down and the aesthetic quality of your flooring improve. 


MaintenX can help you maintain your commercial flooring and improve its overall appearance and functionality. To learn more about our cleaning services, contact your local MaintenX today!

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