Four Tips for Managing Equipment Failures

On-the-job equipment failures are no joke. If your facility relies on a specific piece of equipment for daily operations, any emergency maintenance needed puts a stop to your productivity. At best, this leads to lost revenue and expensive repairs. Even worse, it could lead to a hit to your reputation and tainted customer relations that may take months to repair. While you may not be able to prevent all of these disasters, there are certain steps you can take to always be prepared for them. 


Below are MaintenX’s four tips for managing equipment failures on the job:


Prioritize staff and customer safety. 

Some equipment failures can put your tenants and staff in danger. If you are working on hazardous equipment, you should first and foremost turn off the equipment and warn staff about potential hazards when entering the workspace. This is especially important for electrical work, which can cause hazards for both staff and other pieces of facility equipment. 


Store repair equipment onsite. 

When a piece of equipment fails on the job, the goal is to repair it as quickly and safely as possible. Your staff may be able to handle some repairs, so keep a reserve of repair equipment to reduce downtime. You may even be able to call your MaintenX team and have them walk you through smaller repairs that can get you back up and running in no time. 


Set aside an ample emergency maintenance budget. 

Nothing is worse for the facility maintenance department than having to pay for services you weren’t prepared for. This typically comes out of your preventative maintenance budget, which inevitably leads to further emergency repairs down the road. Set aside a budget each year for emergency repairs so you don’t have to weigh the costs of calling your MaintenX team for help. 


Call your MaintenX team right away. 

The sooner you contact MaintenX, the sooner we can dispatch a team to your job site. Reducing downtime should be a top priority once you’ve ensured the safety of your staff. Even if you think you can fix the issue yourself, you should call the experts for guidance and ensure you don’t cause more problems by waiting. We are here 24/7 for your emergency maintenance issues. 


Equipment breakdowns are serious, but they can be managed effectively with the help of the MaintenX team. Contact us to learn more about our emergency repair services. 

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