Beautiful Flooring Options for Your Facility

Choosing the right floor is often a difficult decision for commercial property owners. It is not easy to replace in larger buildings, so the selection must be done right the first time in order to maximize value. But, as the commercial space changes tenants and develops wear and tear over the years, what is right for your space that will last over the years? 


Below are the top five choices for commercial flooring, as well as their pros and cons. Review each of these options carefully, and talk to your MaintenX installation team to determine which is right for your commercial space: 



Tile is a favorite for commercial facilities because of its durability and simple maintenance. Natural stone tile is the most aesthetically pleasing but requires a more careful maintenance plan as to not cause corrosion or fading of the stone with acidic cleaners. To make the most of your tile flooring, choose a dark color that won’t show dirt and be vigilant about grout cleaning to prevent mold and mildew growth. 



Hardwood is one of the most elegant options you can install at your commercial facility. It fits both modern and classic designs and is often used in restoring historic buildings. The only downside to hardwood is the maintenance. Wood will warp and rot if water-based cleaners are used too often, so be sure to talk to your MaintenX installation team to determine which cleaners and tools are best for everyday care. 



Today’s vinyl isn’t the cheap, brightly colored flooring you remember from the 70s home decor style. Modern vinyl is often made to look like hardwood but is much easier to clean and maintain. Vinyl is also cheaper per square foot than hardwood and is a great investment for high-traffic areas or spaces where spills and messes are likely to occur. 



Concrete is a simple and affordable option for business owners on a budget. Depending on the purpose of the building, it can provide a unique industrial feel to your space. However, concrete is not the best for professional settings or areas where comfort is a priority. 



Carpet is last on our list because it is notoriously difficult to maintain. Spills are often labor-intensive to clean, and vacuuming on a daily basis is required to prevent dirt and odors from becoming trapped. However, carpet can be an elegant, comfortable, and affordable option if you are willing to do the proper maintenance for it. Commercial carpet comes in a variety of textures and styles to really make the space your own. 


If you’d like to learn more about flooring options for new construction or a remodel, give your local MaintenX a call today! We are happy to help you discover what is possible for your facility and provide experienced installation, maintenance, and repair services for all types of commercial floors.

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