Unique Options for Commercial Flooring

When purchasing or leasing a new building, one of the most common renovations business owners make is a new flooring installation. After years of wear and tear, even the nicest flooring can start to look dull. Plus, if a new tenant is entering the building, they may have different operational needs that require a change of flooring type.

If you are thinking about changing the flooring for your business, talk to MaintenX about the best options for your needs and building. If you’re looking for something different to add to the value of the storefront, consider one of these three unique commercial options:


Concrete may seem like a flooring option best suited for warehouses and industrial facilities, but it is popping up more and more in unexpected places. Today’s variety of concrete technology makes it possible for concrete to be styled to look like wood and tile. By raking the concrete for texture and applying a stain, you can get the look of hardwood with half the cost and maintenance requirements. This type of concrete application is useful for restaurants and other high-traffic businesses where aesthetics and practicality are equally important.

Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring installation is a type of hardwood or vinyl flooring installation where boards are placed to create unique patterns. This can dress up your office space without changing the structure or décor within the space. It can also add to the value of the building and impress customers as soon as they walk in the door.

Painted flooring

Most business owners believe they have to completely replace their flooring in order to change its appearance, but there is often a much simpler solution – floor paint. Hardwood, concrete, and even synthetic flooring types can be painted to mask stains, imperfections, or years of wear and tear.

MaintenX offers flooring repair and installation services for businesses across the U.S. To learn more about your local flooring service, contact us today!

Top Three Maintenance Issues That Drive Customers Away

For most small businesses, appearances are everything. The way your building is presented makes just as much of an impression on the customer as the quality of products and services. This is true for any business, whether you’re a retail or restaurant space, medical facility, or industrial complex. To make a great impression on clients, it’s important that your building is clean and in peak working condition every day. However, maintenance issues can easily get in the way of this goal.

Below are the top three maintenance issues that customers will automatically notice, and how you can prevent them from ruining your reputation.

Leaks in the restroom.

Restrooms are a critical part of your building’s operation. They often serve as a representation of how you operate your facility – if it is clean and tidy, your clients will know you take pride in your building. However, if the restroom is dirty, low stocked, or has leaking faucets, they will know you aren’t interested in maintaining a clean appearance. Don’t let something as simple as a faucet leak ruin your reputation with a customer. Call your MaintenX plumber instead to fix the leak the same day.

An overworked HVAC system.

In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, many of our clients struggle to keep up with the A/C in the summertime. If they have an older or outdated system, they may have to run the A/C to keep the building cool at all, and it is typically still noticeably warm to customers. On a hot day, the last thing your customers want is to walk into a hot building. Make sure you schedule regular HVAC preventative care services to maximize your HVAC system’s performance.

Dirty flooring.

You may think that floor cleaning can be put on the back burner because it’s not at eye level to your customers, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It doesn’t matter what type of flooring you have – carpet, hardwood, marble, or basic tile – customers will notice if it is scuffed or stained in any way. Investing in daily cleaning as well as a high-quality floor installation can ensure your building looks presentable to customers.

MaintenX offers preventative maintenance, repair, and installation services for businesses across the U.S. If you are looking for ways to improve the customer experience, talk to your MaintenX team about a preventative maintenance program that can improve efficiency and performance across the board.

Beautiful Flooring Options for Your Facility

Choosing the right floor is often a difficult decision for commercial property owners. It is not easy to replace in larger buildings, so the selection must be done right the first time in order to maximize value. But, as the commercial space changes tenants and develops wear and tear over the years, what is right for your space that will last over the years? 


Below are the top five choices for commercial flooring, as well as their pros and cons. Review each of these options carefully, and talk to your MaintenX installation team to determine which is right for your commercial space: 



Tile is a favorite for commercial facilities because of its durability and simple maintenance. Natural stone tile is the most aesthetically pleasing but requires a more careful maintenance plan as to not cause corrosion or fading of the stone with acidic cleaners. To make the most of your tile flooring, choose a dark color that won’t show dirt and be vigilant about grout cleaning to prevent mold and mildew growth. 



Hardwood is one of the most elegant options you can install at your commercial facility. It fits both modern and classic designs and is often used in restoring historic buildings. The only downside to hardwood is the maintenance. Wood will warp and rot if water-based cleaners are used too often, so be sure to talk to your MaintenX installation team to determine which cleaners and tools are best for everyday care. 



Today’s vinyl isn’t the cheap, brightly colored flooring you remember from the 70s home decor style. Modern vinyl is often made to look like hardwood but is much easier to clean and maintain. Vinyl is also cheaper per square foot than hardwood and is a great investment for high-traffic areas or spaces where spills and messes are likely to occur. 



Concrete is a simple and affordable option for business owners on a budget. Depending on the purpose of the building, it can provide a unique industrial feel to your space. However, concrete is not the best for professional settings or areas where comfort is a priority. 



Carpet is last on our list because it is notoriously difficult to maintain. Spills are often labor-intensive to clean, and vacuuming on a daily basis is required to prevent dirt and odors from becoming trapped. However, carpet can be an elegant, comfortable, and affordable option if you are willing to do the proper maintenance for it. Commercial carpet comes in a variety of textures and styles to really make the space your own. 


If you’d like to learn more about flooring options for new construction or a remodel, give your local MaintenX a call today! We are happy to help you discover what is possible for your facility and provide experienced installation, maintenance, and repair services for all types of commercial floors.

Steps To Commercial Floor Care

Your facility’s floor is one of the most underappreciated parts of its design. The right flooring can create the mood for a restaurant, improve functionality for a manufacturer, or impress customers in an office space. Without the right floor, your facility would not be quite the same. 


If you want to extend the longevity of your flooring and keep it looking great for customers, proper maintenance is essential. Follow these four tips to improve your floor care plan and help you facility look better every day: 


Choose the right cleaner.

Not all flooring cleaners are built the same. Different chemicals are used for hardwood, carpet, stone, and vinyl, and these differences will impact your floor’s longevity and appearance. If you’re using a multi-purpose cleaner or something made for a different material, you are likely causing damage to your floor. Talk with your MaintenX team to receive recommendations on commercial cleaners for your specific flooring type. 


Invest in quality equipment.

Flooring requires a lot of maintenance as it takes the majority of the impact on your facility. In order to keep it clean, you need the right equipment that is user-friendly and effective. A vacuum, deep cleaner for carpet, and high-quality mopping set make daily cleaning much easier for your staff. With some advanced deep cleaners, you can do most of your flooring maintenance yourself with the occasional repair outsourced to MaintenX. 


Clean floor mats first. 

The mats at your building’s entrances are the dirtiest and most weathered parts of your flooring system. Regular cleaning will make these more effective and will extend their service life so you don’t have to replace them every few years. Cleaning your flooring mats will also leave a positive impression on customers and tenants as their shoes will stay dry and clean when they walk in. 


Don’t coat or polish unless recommended by the manufacturer or your maintenance team. 

While you may want your flooring to have a nice and polished shine, some coatings can leave a waxy residue when dried. This can not only make your floors look worse than before, but can cause long-term damage to the surface. Before you polish or coat your floors, check with the manufacturer’s website or your MaintenX team to ensure the product is safe. 


MaintenX specializes in all types of facility cleaning from curb to roof and coast to coast. To learn more about our floor care and repair services, contact us today.

Why You Need A Commercial Floor Cleaning Specialist

If you operate or manage a small facility, it’s likely that you don’t always hire a specialist for cleaning. For small offices and work spaces, many owners choose to do the cleaning in-house in order to save money. However, this is a practice that can cause a lot of trouble down the road. The cleaning you do in your house is not the same as that which is required for a commercial floor. If you’re leaving the cleaning up to a staff member, you’re likely missing most of the dirt and grime that’s stuck to your floor. 


Many small facilities will opt to use household cleaning products for their commercial space. They’ll use an at-home mop and broom and basic all-purpose floor cleaners that they are familiar with at home. However, most of these products are not designed for commercial flooring material. Unlike your home’s flat tile or hardwood, most commercial flooring is made with anti-slip textured surfaces and requires a different kind of cleaning method entirely to be effective. 


Your at-home cleaning methods won’t cut it for a textured floor that sees 50 to 100 clients or tenants a day. A commercial floor gets much dirtier faster, and only the work of a flooring specialist will do the job. If you haven’t been using a commercial floor cleaning specialist, here’s what you need to do to get back on track:


Corrective cleaning

Before you begin a new commercial cleaning schedule, you’ll first need to do a deep cleaning to remove dirt, grime, and film from residential cleaners. This is especially if you have carpet in your area which traps both dirt and odors over time. Your MaintenX flooring specialist can help you schedule this deep cleaning during off-hours to allow time for both wet and dry cleaning that restores your floor back to its original state. 


Choosing the right tools

Once you’ve completed your corrective cleaning, your facility should invest in commercial floor cleaning tools for everyday use. Replace your household mop and broom with supplies that are made for your type of flooring, and invest in commercial-grade learners that have a neutral pH and won’t leave a residue on textured flooring. This will help you and your staff keep up with effective regular maintenance. 


Get on a schedule

Finally, talk to your MaintenX flooring specialist about creating a regular corrective cleaning and floor maintenance schedule. Once you find a routine that works for your facility, you’ll see the cost of corrective cleanings go down and the aesthetic quality of your flooring improve. 


MaintenX can help you maintain your commercial flooring and improve its overall appearance and functionality. To learn more about our cleaning services, contact your local MaintenX today!

Complete Guide to Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Carpet is a tricky flooring option for commercial facilities to maintain. While it helps to reduce noise and can be comfortable for people who are on their feet all day, it is also the most time-intensive ption for cleaning. Carpet has the ability to hold onto dirt and odors, which means that a diligent schedule must be applied to reduce dirt and damage to the carpet over time. 


At MaintenX, we believe that even the busiest commercial facilities can use carpets if they are proactive about cleaning and maintenance. Below are four tips to make your carpet cleaning simple and manageable long-term: 


Location and foot traffic matter

It’s likely that your carpet will wear unevenly due to higher foot traffic in certain areas. Carpeting near entrances will become dirtier as visitors track in debris from outside. Other high-traffic areas such as doorways and waiting areas will also see uneven wear, so it’s important to give extra TLC to these areas. Make use of walk-off mats at your entrances and make high traffic areas your priority on cleaning days. 


The 80/20 rule of carpet cleaning

To combat the issue of uneven carpet wearing, you should apply the 80/20 rule to your carpet cleaning schedule. Spend 80% of your time on cleaning entrances and areas of high foot traffic, and leave the rest of the time to low traffic areas and hard surface flooring maintenance. This will help you maintain a uniform appearance on your carpet and extend its service life. 


Vacuuming the right way

Daily vacuuming can help reduce up to 80% of trapped dirt in your carpet. However, you must use the right equipment and procedures to get the most out of this janitorial service. Using a dual-motor, upright canister vacuum with a proper filter will trap the most dirt on a daily basis. Be sure to clean out the bag before it gets full to maximize efficiency.


Stay on a schedule

When it comes to carpet cleaning, your schedule is the most important part of proper maintenance Daily vacuuming, periodic low-moisture treatments, and annual wet extractions are all important parts of the process, with the latter two requiring professional help. If you develop a schedule with your MaintenX team and stick to it, you won’t have to pay for expensive deep cleanings as often. This is the key to making your carpet last for decades. 


At MaintenX, we can help you retain the beauty and softness of your carpet for years to come. Talk to your local MaintenX team to learn about cleaning and janitorial services available near you. 

Complete Guide To Hard Surface Floor Maintenance

Hard surface flooring, such as tile, hardwood, and vinyl, are the most common options for commercial facilities. These flooring surfaces have a simpler maintenance schedule than carpet and look sleek in almost all applications. However, just because hard surface flooring maintenance is easy, it doesn’t mean you can use any method you wish. Each flooring type requires specific cleaning methods and products to preserve its appearance over time. 


For vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is typically very durable and scratch-resistant. Therefore, you can follow a simple daily procedure of sweeping and spot cleaning as needed. During off-hours, you should schedule regular mopping or clean with an auto scrubber. However, be sure to use a neutral pH cleaner as acidic cleaners can be a bit abrasive on vinyl over time. 


For tile flooring

Tile flooring is typically more expensive than vinyl and therefore needs additional care. In addition to sweeping and mopping you’ll want to regularly clean the grout and refill it as needed. Grout is the first thing to go when it comes to tile flooring, so be thorough when cleaning it to prevent damage or unwanted dirt accumulation. Hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners work great for tile as they will instantly dissolve contaminants. Other neutral cleaners can be used on expensive tile such as marble. 


For hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring can be tricky to maintain because of its proclivity to warp. You should regularly mop with a specified wood cleaner and polish as needed. Clean up spills as soon as they happen, as any water damage can cause the wood to warp and rot. Watch out for waxy cleaners as well, because these can leave a residue that will take away the shine on your hardwood flooring over time. 


Protecting your floors

In addition to the proper maintenance of your flooring type, it’s important to take protective measures against dirt, grime, and scrapes. Use coasters and glides on all furnishings to prevent scratches on your floor. You should also place walk-off mats at all entrances to prevent dirt and mud from entering your facility. 


To take the guesswork out of commercial flooring maintenance, contact your local MaintenX team! We specialize in cleaning and janitorial services and will help you preserve and protect your hard surface flooring. Our specialists used advanced techniques and cleaning products to offer a sleek appearance that will impress. To learn more about our services, call us at 855-751-0075.

Four Common Commercial Floor Care Mistakes

Commercial flooring is designed to last for up to 20 years or more. However, because of the heavy foot traffic that commercial buildings experience, you will need to take care of your flooring to help it last that long. With a proper installation, maintenance, and cleaning schedule, you can help your flooring look better and last longer with little effort required. 


Below are the four most common mistakes we see facility managers make when it comes to their flooring maintenance: 


Choosing the wrong installation team. 

Installation is just as important as flooring care, but many facility owners make their choice based on price instead of experience. This sets you up for flooring damage in the future. While laying tile or carpet may not seem difficult if done wrong your floor may be uneven, easily damaged, or aesthetically unappealing. Choose a local MaintenX flooring contractor for results you can be proud of. 


Using the wrong cleaner for tile, vinyl, and hardwood. 

While many of us lump all hard flooring services into the same category, they cannot be cleaned in the same way. Vinyl, hardwood, and different types of tiles all require different cleaning chemicals for safe use. If you use a tile cleaner on hardwood you could damage the surface and leave lasting marks. If you use an acidic vinyl cleaner on tile, you could erode the surface. Be sure to ask your MaintenX flooring professionals for a list of safe cleaning products for your specific flooring type. 


Not shampooing your carpet.

Most commercial facilities have a janitorial service that will vacuum carpet and spot clean as needed. However, you also need to schedule carpet shampooing services in a commercial space. The carpet will develop an odor over time if this is not done on a regular basis, but many facility managers neglect this maintenance task. Talk to your MaintenX team to determine a carpet cleaning service schedule fit for your building’s needs. 


Mopping or spraying before you dust and sweep. 

Dusting, swapping, and mopping must be done in a specific order to prevent dirt from sticking to the floor or being rubbed into the grout or spaces of tile and hardwood. If you do them in the incorrect order, you’ll simply be dusting onto wet and dirty floors. This can work the dirt deeper into the floor, which will cause staining over time. Be sure to dust first, then sweep away major dirt and debris, and then mop or wax floors for a clean shine.


If you follow these four tips, it will be much easier to maintain your facility’s flooring for decades. Talk to a MaintenX specialist today to learn more about our flooring installation and maintenance services!