Five Tips for Designing a More Elegant Commercial Bathroom

As a customer in any other business, you know how much of an impression restroom facilities can make. A spacious, well-designed bathroom can make your entire experience feel more relaxed and comfortable, while a dull, crowded, and messy bathroom can make a facility feel cheaper. However, this real-world experience often doesn’t translate when property owners design their own restrooms. 


If you want your facility to provide comfort and impress guests, follow these five bathroom design tips for your remodel or new construction: 


Make it low maintenance. 

Bathroom cleanliness is the most important element for visitors. If your bathrooms are spacious and easy to clean, they will make a better impression and keep janitorial costs to a minimum. Wider stalls make cleaning in crevices much easier, and simplistic fixtures can ensure your nightly cleaning is fast and simple. 


Prioritize privacy. 

Privacy for guests is a top concern as well, so be sure to design your stalls to minimize visibility. Choose doors with very little space at the hinges, and install durable locks that won’t break or cause problems when shutting. 


Choose soft lighting and colors. 

Most commercial bathrooms use blue fluorescent lighting and white walls, which can make your bathroom feel harsh and uninviting. Instead, choose soft grays and beige tones and pair them with warmer lighting to make your bathroom feel relaxed and inviting. Pair these colors with warm-toned stalls to amplify the style and create a modern, sleek style. 


Don’t sacrifice space for occupancy. 

A high-occupancy bathroom is important for larger facilities, but you shouldn’t sacrifice space for more stalls. A crowded line can make patrons frustrated and may even prompt them to leave early, so make sure your bathroom has plenty of space for hand washing and waiting in line. 


Add color and texture. 

While walls aren’t the only turn-off for commercial bathroom styles. Wall-to-wall color can make a bathroom feel claustrophobic, especially if space is limited. Add variation in color and texture, and don’t be afraid to add simple designs or novel materials such as tile and wood-like vinyl to your bathrooms to give them an appealing style. 


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