How To Plan A Safe Company Fourth of July Celebration

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays we celebrate in America. It is a day to commemorate the lives that we lost in honor of freedom, and to celebrate everything that makes our country a great place to live. However, with COVID-19 precautions still in place, you may want to celebrate a little differently this year. 


Whether you’re planning a customer appreciation celebration or a company picnic, the Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate while social distancing, but you have to be safe. Below are some tips from the MaintenX team to make this Fourth of July fun and safe at your company: 


Celebrate outdoors to encourage safe social distancing

While the CDC has lifted many of the precautionary advisements for indoor gatherings, it is still best to celebrate outside when in large groups. This gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate safely while social distancing. If you live in a particularly hot climate, be sure to provide plenty of shade and water for the comfort of attendees. 


Schedule a landscaping service before the big party.

If you do decide to celebrate outdoors for the Fourth of July, it’s important to make sure your outdoor facilities can handle the party. Schedule a landscaping maintenance service a week or so in advance to ensure your facility is in tip-top shape. Your MaintenX technicians can trim the foliage, inspect hardscape, and even perform checks on your outdoor HVAC units to ensure you can stay cool and have fun outside this Independence Day. 


Skip the DIY fireworks

In some states, you are allowed to purchase small fireworks for residential use. However, the use of these products varies from state to state on commercial property, and are typically not safe in large group settings. Instead, schedule your celebration for the evening so you can watch the city fireworks from your location. 


MaintenX is proud to serve American businesses with quality preventative maintenance and installation services. We wish you a happy Fourth of July, and hope you’ll choose us for all of your commercial maintenance needs!

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