Tips for Painting Brick

Exposed brick has become increasingly popular in restaurants, retail stores, and other boutique storefronts across the U.S. The rustic style can create the perfect ambiance for small businesses, but only if it is done properly. If the exposed brick is not properly cleaned and painted, it will simply look old and neglected rather than rustic and charming.

Painting brick can be a difficult task as it is porous and uneven. A simple paint roller won’t get into every crevice. While you can carefully go over every spot with a small paintbrush, there are easier ways to paint your brick that will save time and money.

If you want your brick to look professionally painted, follow these steps for success:

Clean and prime before painting. 

Exposed brick is the perfect place for dust to collect inside a commercial building. Prior to painting, be sure to scrub the brick with a gentle cleanser and wait to dry fully before priming. You may also want to strip old paint off the brick if there is any on it. Then, apply a latex primer to the entirety of the brick wall and let dry completely.

Choose the right paint. 

Latex paint or paint made for masonry is best for brick, as it will soak into the crevices more easily. Talk to the sales staff at your local home improvement store to ensure you have the right paint for this application. You can also use a brick stain if your brick is in good condition but you want to add a protective barrier or change the color slightly without covering the brick completely.

Use a paint sprayer.

The best method for painting brick is to use a paint sprayer, as this will coat the surface evenly and get into cracks and crevices without hassle. If possible, purchase a paint sprayer at your local home improvement store. If you can’t find a sprayer, be sure to use a roller made for textured surfaces to minimize the touchups needed.

MaintenX offers professional painting services for businesses across the U.S. If you want to revamp your storefront and improve the look of your brick, contact us for a hassle-free painting service!

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