Pros and Cons of Hydro Jetting vs. Snake Drain Cleaning

Keeping clean pipes is priority number one when it comes to commercial plumbing. Clogged pipes can lead to slow draining pipe damage, and even line breaks if you don’t address the issue immediately. However, you have several options when it comes time to clean the pipes. While snakes are the most common tool for professional pipe cleaning, another option is gaining in popularity among commercial maintenance teams: hydro jetting. 


Hydro jetting is a process by which pressurized water is forced through the facility’s pipes, clearing out any unwanted debris in the system. It is powerful enough to remove everyday clogs as well as roots in the ground that traditional snakes cannot get through. However, hydro jetting is not the perfect solution for all systems. Below are some of the pros and cons of each method to help you determine which is right for your facility: 


Should you choose hydro jetting? 

Hydro jetting is an advanced technology that is able to remove more clogs than traditional snaking methods. It is an environmentally friendly and safe option, as no chemicals are required to break up the debris. However, it is not suitable for all facility plumbing systems. Because of the force of the water, it can be dangerous for older systems that may not be able to withstand the pressure. Your MaintenX plumber will have to run a camera down the pipe system first to see if your plumbing can handle hydro jetting. 


Should you use a plumbing snake?

Snaking is the simplest form of pipe cleaning available. This method is safer for older systems and can be a less expensive service if the clog is relatively small. While snaking is preferable for older pipes or smaller jobs, it does not work well with major blockages. If you have an older system with a tree root or serious blockage, you may have to use drain cleaning chemicals first, or replace part of the piping to ensure no further damage is created. 


At MaintenX, we offer both hydro jetting and snaking services for commercial facilities. We will first use a camera to inspect the pipes to see how big the blockage is and if the pipes are in good condition for hydro jetting. If they are, we use the hydro jetting system to safely and quickly remove the clog. If the pipes are older, we will first try snaking to remove the blockage or loosen it to allow some water to pass. If this does not work, we may offer chemical solutions or further plumbing repairs to fix the issue. 


MaintenX is here to help you with any plumbing problem at your facility. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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