Centralized vs. Decentralized Maintenance Management

There are two dominant models for maintenance operations management: centralized and decentralized. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the appropriate method largely depends on the size and resources available to a company.

The centralized model involves having all of the procedures and projects go through a single team or facility manager. This is popular among small businesses who only have a single, smaller facility with fewer systems and less equipment to manage. The small scale makes it cost-effective, and a well-organized central hub can execute good vertical project control. Past a certain scale, however, it can end up being less efficient if the single team gets overloaded.

A decentralized maintenance management plan is more common among larger companies with multiple facilities, lots of equipment, or an expansive campus. Under this model, different parts of the facility are broken up into different management teams and technical staff. On the upside, there will almost always be personnel available to meet maintenance needs. With that, however, comes difficulty in management. The more teams there are, the more organized the overall communication and coordination scheme has to be.

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