What is Reliability-Centered Maintenance?

Efficiency is the goal of any facility manager, particularly when it comes to maintenance of business systems and equipment. Efficiency should go hand in hand with reliability to optimize performance, and this is the primary idea behind reliability-centered maintenance. This kind of maintenance planning seeks to ensure that all processes are running as they should, with a minimal risk of failure.

Reliable equipment is worth paying for. A higher initial capital outlay justifies itself in useful lifespan. If machinery and facility systems like HVAC work effectively for a long time, then the facility manager has avoided the inconvenience, expense, and hassle of constant repairs or even premature replacement. Breakdowns are one of the leading causes of downtime in a facility, and they can also become safety hazards. Maintenance is an overlooked component of keeping employees safe.

So how does one execute a reliability-centered maintenance plan? The answer lies in preventative maintenance, which is the regularly scheduled inspection of facility systems and equipment. Small fixes are made as necessary, extending the life of infrastructure and reducing the risk of sudden failure. Preventative maintenance allows business owners to plan for upgrades and major repairs instead of having them thrust upon them.

MaintenX excels in helping businesses develop and execute a reliability-centered maintenance campaign, including preventative maintenance scheduling. We would be happy to assist your business with those and other services; contact us anytime.