Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Office Efficiency

There are a number of factors that affect business efficiency, but workplace floorplan is often overlooked. Having the right floorplan helps balance and storage and works areas, as well as make outward-facing spaces attractive to consumers.

The effects aren’t just aesthetic. Floorplans that incorporate “free space,” that is, places for employees to gather and relax, have been shown to increase collaboration but decrease concentration. Gallup polls show that despite the “open office” trend, the majority of people still prefer to have their own space. Every manager has to balance these factors when designing the layout.

For storefronts and other commercial venues, taking the customer’s perspective can help you devise the right floorplan as well. More balancing is involved; customers like to be able to navigate to what they need quickly, but you want them to see your other products on the way. Don’t forget to take into account the size of your inventory. If you have many products in many categories, you’ll want a more spatially efficient plan like a grid. If you have fewer items that you want to be prominently visible, choose a free-form plan to encourage browsing.

Whether your business is moving to a new location or you are considering renovating the office space that you currently have, choosing the right floorplan can go a long way towards business efficiency and retail sales. To learn how MaintenX can help you with this and other tasks, contact us at any time.