Restroom Maintenance Tips for Your Business

Sanitation is important for any business or commercial facility. Restrooms, however, are particularly key, as they face “outward” to the consumer. Remember, 94% of consumers would not return to a business with dirty restrooms. On the internal side, clean and functioning restrooms are essential to employees.

When approaching maintenance on your business’s restrooms, it is important to formulate and stick to a consistent plan so that they never fall below high standards of cleanliness. This includes cleaning and inspection; the latter should be more frequent. Some businesses clean every half hour, some every hour; you’ll have to find the correct balance.

Quality of cleaning products makes a difference. Cleaning does little good if a restroom looks or smells dirty shortly after it has been serviced. High-quality products will leave a clean scent and remove more grime. The difference is noticeable; invest in an upgrade.

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