Commercial Energy Efficiency Incentives in Florida

Energy efficiency: the two words that will save your business and your community. During the long summer of 2019, many business owners suffered from exacerbated power expenses. Without investing in energy-efficient equipment and appliances, they struggled to pay the ever-increasing power and AC bills. 

Commercial energy efficiency is a hot topic for many of our clients. They come to MaintenX wanting to learn about the benefits of energy efficiency design in their facilities, many with concerns about upfront costs. We encourage all of our clients to invest in energy efficiency for their facility. Not only does it reduce their environmental footprint, but it can also result in cost savings that pay for the upgrades. 

Energy efficiency should be a top priority for all facility managers. Not only will this help you to market your business as an environmentally sustainable enterprise, but it will help lower costs for long-term economic sustainability. Plus, the state of Florida wants to help business owners implement these changes with rebate and incentive programs for commercial energy-efficiency upgrades. Some of the available grants and incentives in Florida include:

Commercial Heating & Cooling Efficiency Upgrade Program: Florida wants you to start saving early with energy-efficient heat pumps and air conditioning units. They offer a $100 rebate when you install or replace an existing unit with a high-efficiency heat pump or air conditioning system. 

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Technologies (REET) Grant Matching Program: If your facility is interested in developing and commercializing renewable energy, this grant may help you get your funding needs off the ground. The State of Florida offers this grant matching program for companies that research, develop, commercialize, or demonstrate the usage of high-efficiency and renewable energy systems for vehicles and commercial buildings. 

Commercial Chiller Upgrade Program: If you are planning to upgrade your commercial chillers, look into this statewide program. For each kW above minimum efficiency standards that you save when using high-efficiency water-cooled centrifugal chillers; water-cooled scroll or screw chillers; and air-cooled electric chillers; you can earn rebates up to $175. 

Farm Renewable and Efficiency Demonstrations (FRED): Energy efficiency in agriculture is a high priority for Florida state leaders. They are willing to provide free audits and assessments for potential energy-saving and renewable energy implementations for all farmers. If implemented, the State will reimburse farmers up to 80% of the costs for energy efficient and renewable upgrades. These reimbursements can reach up to $25,000.

Commercial Reflective Roof Program: Convert your existing roof to a cool roof or install a new cool roof using Energy Star materials—and qualify for a rebate! Rebate Amounts: $0.075 per square foot for new roofs on an existing or new building. $0.325 per square foot for converting an existing roof to a cool roof.

Efficiency and Renewable Improvements in Commercial Aquaculture (ERICA): The ERICA grant program offers special incentives for commercial aquaculture facilities in Florida. It is designed to help aquaculture facilities and farms reduce energy costs by upgrading to newer technologies and renewable sources for energy. 

These six grant and rebate programs give you the capital you need to invest in renewable and energy-efficient technology for your facility The future of renewables and high-efficiency appliances will be cost-efficient for businesses, and better for our planet and communities. To learn more about energy-efficient upgrades suitable for your facility, call MaintenX.