Common HVAC Maintenance Issues In The Spring And Summer

Your HVAC system is much more than parts running in the background. It’s what provides your tenants and customers relief from the summer heat, and comfort during their day at work. A properly running HVAC system makes your facility a great place to work. A poorly maintained system, on the other hand, will upset tenants and guests and cause expenses to collect quickly. 

Before the summer heat hits your building, call your local HVAC technician to perform a routine check on your system. You may find some of these common problems which can be easily fixed with the right help from your MaintenX team. 

Ductwork is cracking. 

Does your facility have inconsistencies in temperature and airflow? If so, cracks in the ductwork could be at fault. Older HVAC systems develop cracks in the ductwork which can cause airflow to be stronger in one area, and weak in another. This will make tenants miserable in the summer if left unaddressed. Call your MaintenX technician to check ductwork in the springtime to avoid complications. 

Your drain line is clogged.

Just like your air filters, your drain lines can become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris if not regularly cleaned. This is most common in the summer when the HVAC is pushed to capacity. Drain line problems can lead to malfunctions with the entire system, so don’t wait to perform routine maintenance. This will also prevent refrigerant leaks. 

Your belts are wearing thin.  

Your HVAC system’s belts work hard to control the speed, torque, and power of your machine. During the summer they see more wear and tear, so it’s important to ensure they are in good working condition in early spring. If your belts are worn, thinning, or damaged it may be time to replace them. If not, you may simply need to adjust the tension to ensure they perform. 

Your HVAC system is reaching the end of its service life. 

Unfortunately, no HVAC system lasts forever. Most have a service life between 15 to 25 years, and this can be shortened by improper maintenance. You may find out this summer that your HVAC system is reaching the end of its performance. If this happens, it’s time to start looking at energy-efficient replacements. The sooner you start shopping for a new system, the more money you can save on energy reduction costs and repairs. Contact MaintenX today about our installation services. 

MaintenX prioritized your HVAC health and the comfort of your tenants in the summertime. You can learn more about our HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services here.

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