Spring Cleaning Tips For Commercial Buildings

Spring is in the air, which means many different things for your facility. You may be preparing to launch your summer marketing campaigns, or gearing up for increased production and inventory for the busy season. However, it is during this busy time that you need to take care of your facility with spring preventative maintenance. 

MaintenX specializes in preventative maintenance, emergency repair, and installation services for commercial facilities of all kinds. We want to help our customers prepare for summer, and recommend they perform these preventative maintenance tasks during the spring season: 

Take care of your exteriors. 

The busy summer season is coming soon. Therefore, now should be the time to schedule pressure washing services, landscaping, window cleaning, and other services to make your building or lot look nice. Your exterior will make the first impression on new customers, so tend to it wisely. A quick pressure wash, window cleaning, and sprucing up of your lawn will make all the difference when summer arrives. 

Invest in landscaping. 

Spring is the perfect time to reinvent an outdoor showroom or lot with landscaping. Flowers will be fresh and grow quickly during this time, and new grass seed will thrive during the rainy months. You can also use this time to add outdoor fixtures, or clean and renovate existing structures outdoors. 

Tend to the flooring. 

During the winter and spring, your floors take a beating. Snow and mud from the rainy seasons will dull the appearance of your flooring over time. Before summer arrives, schedule a cleaning service for your floors, and tend to any cracked tile or worn carpeting. 

Check on your outdoor HVAC units. 

Outdoor HVAC units weather a lot of wear and tear during the fall and winter. Spring is the perfect time to perform a thorough cleaning and preventative maintenance on these systems. If you have a rooftop unit, be sure to clean it of debris and test its performance before the hottest month approach. If you have a ground unit, spend time cleaning it to prevent clogged filters and general outdoor wear and tear. 

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning and maintenance service to take care of these spring cleaning tasks, look no further than MaintenX. We work with self-performing contractors in 13 states to provide the best service to both local and multi-state companies. Contact us today to learn more about our total facility maintenance services.

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