Complete Guide To Hard Surface Floor Maintenance

Hard surface flooring, such as tile, hardwood, and vinyl, are the most common options for commercial facilities. These flooring surfaces have a simpler maintenance schedule than carpet and look sleek in almost all applications. However, just because hard surface flooring maintenance is easy, it doesn’t mean you can use any method you wish. Each flooring type requires specific cleaning methods and products to preserve its appearance over time. 


For vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is typically very durable and scratch-resistant. Therefore, you can follow a simple daily procedure of sweeping and spot cleaning as needed. During off-hours, you should schedule regular mopping or clean with an auto scrubber. However, be sure to use a neutral pH cleaner as acidic cleaners can be a bit abrasive on vinyl over time. 


For tile flooring

Tile flooring is typically more expensive than vinyl and therefore needs additional care. In addition to sweeping and mopping you’ll want to regularly clean the grout and refill it as needed. Grout is the first thing to go when it comes to tile flooring, so be thorough when cleaning it to prevent damage or unwanted dirt accumulation. Hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners work great for tile as they will instantly dissolve contaminants. Other neutral cleaners can be used on expensive tile such as marble. 


For hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring can be tricky to maintain because of its proclivity to warp. You should regularly mop with a specified wood cleaner and polish as needed. Clean up spills as soon as they happen, as any water damage can cause the wood to warp and rot. Watch out for waxy cleaners as well, because these can leave a residue that will take away the shine on your hardwood flooring over time. 


Protecting your floors

In addition to the proper maintenance of your flooring type, it’s important to take protective measures against dirt, grime, and scrapes. Use coasters and glides on all furnishings to prevent scratches on your floor. You should also place walk-off mats at all entrances to prevent dirt and mud from entering your facility. 


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