Complete Guide to Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Carpet is a tricky flooring option for commercial facilities to maintain. While it helps to reduce noise and can be comfortable for people who are on their feet all day, it is also the most time-intensive ption for cleaning. Carpet has the ability to hold onto dirt and odors, which means that a diligent schedule must be applied to reduce dirt and damage to the carpet over time. 


At MaintenX, we believe that even the busiest commercial facilities can use carpets if they are proactive about cleaning and maintenance. Below are four tips to make your carpet cleaning simple and manageable long-term: 


Location and foot traffic matter

It’s likely that your carpet will wear unevenly due to higher foot traffic in certain areas. Carpeting near entrances will become dirtier as visitors track in debris from outside. Other high-traffic areas such as doorways and waiting areas will also see uneven wear, so it’s important to give extra TLC to these areas. Make use of walk-off mats at your entrances and make high traffic areas your priority on cleaning days. 


The 80/20 rule of carpet cleaning

To combat the issue of uneven carpet wearing, you should apply the 80/20 rule to your carpet cleaning schedule. Spend 80% of your time on cleaning entrances and areas of high foot traffic, and leave the rest of the time to low traffic areas and hard surface flooring maintenance. This will help you maintain a uniform appearance on your carpet and extend its service life. 


Vacuuming the right way

Daily vacuuming can help reduce up to 80% of trapped dirt in your carpet. However, you must use the right equipment and procedures to get the most out of this janitorial service. Using a dual-motor, upright canister vacuum with a proper filter will trap the most dirt on a daily basis. Be sure to clean out the bag before it gets full to maximize efficiency.


Stay on a schedule

When it comes to carpet cleaning, your schedule is the most important part of proper maintenance Daily vacuuming, periodic low-moisture treatments, and annual wet extractions are all important parts of the process, with the latter two requiring professional help. If you develop a schedule with your MaintenX team and stick to it, you won’t have to pay for expensive deep cleanings as often. This is the key to making your carpet last for decades. 


At MaintenX, we can help you retain the beauty and softness of your carpet for years to come. Talk to your local MaintenX team to learn about cleaning and janitorial services available near you. 

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