Controlling Heating Costs in Winter

In many of the states where MaintenX serves, the winter season is in full swing. Heavy snowfall, chilling winds, and high heating costs are battering businesses all at once. If this is you, then one of your top priorities is likely reducing heating costs while maintaining tenant comfort. 

Managing heat and energy costs doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few minor maintenance adjustments you can easily reduce your energy bill. Here is what the MaintenX team recommends for controlling heating costs in winter:

Inspect your insulation.

Commercial facilities are required to meet certain standards in insulation when they are built and inspected. However, the regulatory minimal amount for insulation may not be enough. Improving insulation will make an immediate impact on your energy costs as well as your tenants’ comfort. Heat won’t as easily escape the building, meaning that your heater will have to work less. 

Upgrade your heater.

In many facilities, the HVAC unit is the last thing to receive an upgrade. It usually takes a complete breakdown before facility managers look into replacing it for a better unit. However, replacing your HVAC unit before it quits on you can save you. It also allows you to make the best decision for your facility, rather than rushing to find an affordable unit. A heat pump may be a viable option for your facility, as well as other energy-efficient heaters. 

Invest in an energy recovery ventilator.

Energy recovery ventilators redirect exhaust air and pretreat air from outside to reduce the energy required by your heater. These pieces of equipment will help your HVAC unit run more efficiently in both summer and winter. They also can result in energy savings payback within three to five years. 

These three changes to your facility can result in drastic long-term energy savings. Talk to your MaintenX team today to learn about other maintenance services that reduce energy costs. We serve over 13 states with comprehensive preventative and emergency maintenance care. 

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