Diagnosing Energy Waste in HVAC Systems

Today’s facilities create a ton of data every day. With the aid of advanced systems, maintenance staff can speedily measure and track facility health with the click of a mouse.

Having the real-time status of every piece of equipment at your fingertips is a powerful tool. Your facility’s HVAC system information is no different. But it’s important to know how to assess the information it provides you.

Diagnosing Trouble

It’s important to do a daily review all of the alerts in your facility’s BAS and carefully review the summary pages of vital building systems for danger signs. Depending on the sensitivity of the relevant sensors, there are many conditions that may present as poor HVAC performance without triggering an alert.

Establishing a detailed diagnostic plan can take a long time, but it is vital to solving problems rapidly. The longer you have been working with a facility’s particular systems, the better and easier this task will be.

Logging Problems

One simple tool that can help facility managers and staff with the HVAC problems they have is a diagnostic history log.

Using diagnostic tools gives you a central place for all common HVAC problems, which should include detailed notes about specific work performed. This allows new operations employees the ability to instantly get up-to-speed by simply looking over the historical record of work performed on any of your facility’s HVAC components.

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