Making the Move from Paper to Paperless

Going paperless is a great idea for facility managers who want to go green while saving their organization money. But before you make the jump, you should take time to plan out how going paperless will affect your organization.

Set Goals

But how will you know when you’ve achieved paperlessness? It’s vital to outline some metrics before implementing your document management software.

Ask yourself how long it will take for your staff to process an invoice, and record how much time your workers save with the new document management system.


You simply can’t address every single part of facility and organization operations all at once. Save yourself and your employees a big, confusing mess by prioritizing. Which of your processes needs the biggest overhaul?

Improving Processes

You must examine your existing procedures before you figure out what to keep and what to discard. Some processes are monotonous, but making them electronic won’t necessarily increase effectiveness.

Make a Plan to Scan

There are many different ways to get to paperless, but document scanning is a key tool. To maximize time efficiency with document scanning, you might try first scanning only the current documents.

When scanning documents, it’s imperative to leave plenty of space to organize the files. You will also want to be very careful with removing staples and paperclips before scanning documents.