Do I Need to Stain My Fence Every Year?

Fences are great for protecting your building while adding a very nice aesthetic touch. Do you remember the feeling when you looked at your newly installed fence for the first time? I remember mine, and I was completely overjoyed with how much value it seemed to add to my property. Fast forward. How does your fence look now, and how does that make you feel? Let’s talk about fence maintenance – more specifically fence staining.


Do you really need to restain your fence every year? The short answer is “it depends.” There are a lot of variables that you must take into consideration to understand your needs for maintenance on your fence. Most notably, your environment influences the deterioration of your fence. Do you live in an area with lots of heat and moisture, like Florida? Both can affect the appearance and integrity of your fence quickly; it’s just a fact of life for occupants of such places. It is also important that the wood used in the structure was properly treated and pressure sealed prior to installation. If not, you’ll need to stain your fence within a year of installation.


If you are in a place with gentler environmental conditions and your fence was properly pressure-treated, you can easily get away with staining your fence every 3 years. It’s an intensive process, and you must follow a couple of guidelines. The entire fence should first be sanded down to expose fresh wood prior to applying any new stain; you need a clean surface to work on. Also, the sanding process is a great time to check for any plank warping. Warped beams should be removed and replaced as part of the project.


If you don’t have the time or energy to sand and stain a fence yourself, or if need some advice on how to proceed with your fencing project, you need to engage an expert. Calling MaintenX will not only help you handle large projects like this and others, you will also gain a wealth of knowledge on preventive maintenance and how to stay ahead of the curve. Go ahead, call today.