Ideas for Spring Cleaning

Have you recently just gone through the process of decluttering and Spring cleaning your home? If you have, you know how satisfying it is to complete the task and bask in the glory of your newly-organized dwelling. The same is true of your office space, but if you haven’t done a cleaning in a while, the task can seem a bit daunting. Don’t fret. Here are some tips to make cleaning your office a lot simpler and achieve results you can be proud of.


Tip #1 – Create Office Zones

Creating zones around your office is an easy way to break up the task into more manageable sections. Instead of looking at the office as a whole, which can be quite overwhelming, having multiple zones allows you to divide and conquer. Common zones may include: cubicle or desk area, common area, break room, copier/printer zone, and reception. Tackle just one zone at a time and move to the next. Or better yet, assign team members to each zone to succeed as a group.


Tip #2 – If You Don’t Need It, Don’t Keep It

The minimalist mindset of only keeping what you truly need is quite the phenomenon, but it doesn’t just apply for aesthetic reasons; it holds true to your workspace, as well. Keeping old documents and trinkets does nothing but clutter your office. If the document is something you don’t have digital access to and cannot obtain again, you should keep it, but if you can easily digitize it, do so, then toss it out.


Tip #3 – Organize a Daily Paperwork System

Set this up near your copier. You should incorporate all paperwork into this concept – everything from printed documents to mail. Using paper bins, organize it using categories for incoming mail, outgoing mail, documents to distribute, documents to shred and anything else that is relevant to your business needs. By doing so, you will create a hub for everyone to use. This will not only declutter the office but also centralize everything and boost productivity.


These are only a few of the lengthy list of Spring cleaning tips. Plan ahead, organize your team for assistance and be on your way to a cleaner and healthier office environment. If you need more tips,contact MaintenX today.