Double-Check These 7 Areas In Your Office While Cleaning

The office space is a second home to many. It’s where we make friends, can find meaningful work, and where most Americans spend nearly 20% of their waking adult life. And just like home, it’s a place where bacteria and germs can easily spread if regular cleaning and maintenance don’t happen. 


Research shows that the average office desk hosts over 10 million bacteria on a typical day — that’s over 400 times more bacteria than found on the average toilet seat. While most offices have a janitorial staff or different staff members who take responsibility for cleaning, it’s easy to miss several key areas where germs, dust, and mold collect. 


If you own or operate a commercial facility, be sure to clean these seven commonly missed areas of your space: 


Behind desks and large appliances

Dust will easily collect behind the printer, your desk, the breakroom refrigerator, and other dark closed spaces. If a water leak occurs behind one of these spaces, you could find mold damage in a matter of weeks. By periodically moving these appliances and sweeping behind them, you can create a cleaner work environment and better indoor air quality. 



Very few people ever clean their curtains, but they collect dust easily and will become an eyesore over time. Make sure you dust your curtains at least once a week to prevent particles from getting stuck to the curtains over time. 


Air vents

Air vents are the perfect place for dust to collect. If not regularly dusted they can also become hiding places for spiders and small bugs which will quickly make clients and employees unhappy. 


Kitchen appliance handles

Sink faucet levers, microwave door handles, and refrigerator handles are all used multiple times per day by everyone in the office. If not wiped down when you clean the kitchen, they will be covered with microorganisms that spread disease to your staff. Spray them with disinfectant once daily if possible to keep your kitchen cleaner. 


Windows and glass on doors 

Windows and glass may not be ideal living places for bacteria, but they get dirty very easily and won’t look great if you don’t wipe them down frequently. This is especially true for glass doors that are touched often, as you can likely see the fingerprints over time. Wipe with a glass cleaner to make your office look cleaner at first sight. 


Doorknobs and light switches

These areas get touched every single day and can host millions of bacteria if not cleaned. Wipe down all door knobs and light switches every day, especially those near the bathrooms.


Trash cans 

You probably take the trash out everyday, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t get dirty. When food or liquids leak from the bags, they will pool at the bottom creating a sticky residue with a foul odor. Wash out your trash cans once a month to prevent unwanted odors in your office space. 


Office maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated if you stick to a plan and ensure these commonly missed areas are included. TO learn more about how you can make your office space a great place to work, contact MaintenX about our cleaning and preventative maintenance services.

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