Parking Lot Maintenance In The Winter

Parking lot maintenance is often an afterthought for facility managers, especially if they are managing a smaller facility and don’t see a lot of traffic. However, lot maintenance is essential for the safety of visitors and for guaranteeing a better customer experience. If you have an outdoor lot that isn’t protected from the elements like a parking garage would be, there are several steps you need to take to maintain it in the winter. 


Below are three ways you can improve your parking lot functionality and prevent driving accidents through preventative care: 


Fill in cracks and potholes now. 

Minor cracks and small potholes will grow bigger in the winter if you don’t address them. As water fills the holes, it will expand as it freezes. This will widen the crack and eventually lead to a major pothole. The best practice is to fill in the gaps during the fall in order to prevent cracking, but you can always do this on a sunny day in the winter as well. 


Repaint parking lot markings

De-icing chemicals used to thaw parking lots can cause the paint on your parking space markings to fade over time. This can make it difficult for visitors to see where they should park and identify handicap spots. In order to prevent this, be sure to repaint any faded markings in your parking lot before the temperatures drop. 


Maintain proper drainage in your lot

Pooling water will turn into ice by the next morning, which can be dangerous for pedestrians and cars driving on your lot. Be sure that you maintain your drainage system and remove debris that may be clogging it so that no such accident occurs. 


MaintenX helps commercial facility managers maintain all aspects of their property from curb to roof. If you need help maintaining your parking lot or repairing cracks in the surface, contact us to schedule preventative care services.

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