Durable Flooring Options for Restaurants

Restaurant foot traffic takes quite a toll on the flooring you choose for your building. The constant fluctuation of customers, coupled with regular spills and accidents creates the perfect environment for flooring maintenance issues to occur. However, with the right choice of floor and proper daily maintenance, you can keep your floors looking new for years to come. 

When installing new floors for restaurants, we often recommend one of these options for the easiest cleanup and maintenance: 


Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest to clean for restaurants and other buildings with high foot traffic. While it can be styled to look like hardwood, it is often more water-resistant and cheaper to install. High-quality vinyl flooring can look sophisticated in any setting but will save you time and money in maintenance costs. 


Concrete may seem like an unusual option for restaurant flooring, but modern concrete styles can be made to look like rustic wood. Using special finishing techniques, you can make concrete look like it is cut into boards and has a unique wood grain finish. Concrete is not only more affordable than wood using this technique, but can also help you avoid the maintenance upkeep of natural materials. 


Stone tile is less popular than other options because it can be difficult to clean and stains more easily than concrete or vinyl. However, it is incredibly durable and likely won’t need to be replaced. With the right cleaning schedule, tile flooring can outlast most other flooring options. It also looks very impressive at entrances and in outdoor seating areas. 

Refinished hardwood

Hardwood is a difficult flooring option to keep clean in restaurants but can be ideal for smaller restaurants or cafes where large messes are rare. When the hardwood is refinished with a protective stain, it will resist water damage much easier and will be easy to restain every few years to keep it looking fresh. 

MaintenX offers flooring installations for restaurants and other foodservice businesses throughout the U.S. If you’d like to learn more about installation and care for restaurant flooring, give us a call today!

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