10 Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your Business

Curb appeal is so important to a business, no matter what industry you’re in. Whether you’re a local restaurant, boutique, or national chain, the way you present your business from the outside matters just as much as the experience inside. 

If you are looking for ways to dress up your business storefront, try one of these ten simple renovations:

Add greenery to your front entrance.

A few hanging plants or a nice mini garden near your front entrance can do wonders for your business’s storefront. 

Repaint the exterior of the building

Old paint can make your building look run down even when the interior is freshly renovated. Make sure to repair as necessary and keep your building clean with regular pressure washing.

Add a welcome mat

A welcome mat not only keeps the interior of your building cleaner but provides a nice aesthetic appearance for smaller shops and storefronts. 

Invest in new signage.

If your signs and advertisements look old, customers may think your shop is run down when it isn’t. Invest in proper signage and maintain it to keep your exterior looking fresh. 

Sweep the sidewalk

This simple daily task will make your shop look twice as appealing to customers on the street. This is especially important for boutiques and smaller retail outlets that rely heavily on walk-in traffic.

Clean your windows.

Make sure to clean your windows on the inside and outside to showcase your products from the inside and entice customers in. 

Sweep outdoor seating areas.

Leaves, dirt, and debris from neighboring storefronts can make your business look run down when it’s really not. A little bit of sweeping in outdoor seating areas makes all the difference. 

Maintain the parking lot.

Parking lots should be smooth, free of potholes, and offer plenty of lighting to ensure it is safe at night. Make sure your parking lots are maintained and well-lit to ensure customers feel safe during opening hours. 

Advertise sales at the front door.

The best way to attract customers as they walk by is to advertise weekly sales on the front door. 

Create a dog-friendly space.

If you are a restaurant that offers outdoor seating, creating a dog-friendly section will go a long way toward attracting customers. Even if you don’t allow pets inside the seating area, adding a water bowl can entice passers-by to stop by your shop and see what’s inside. 

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