Easy Floor Maintenance Tips For Office Buildings

Flooring can add so much to the design and mood of an office space. It can add brightness or warmth; it can create ambiance and style; it can make your office a safer space to work in some circumstances. But, flooring can also take away from the appearance and health of your facility if not maintained. Flooring that is dirty can hold in bacteria, cause slip-and-fall hazards, or simply bring down the overall appearance of your office. 

If you want to make your office a great place to work, follow these simple floor cleaning and maintenance tips. 

Focus on carpeted areas. 

Carpet is relatively easy to maintain, but if left unchecked it can cause a host of problems at your facility. Carpets hold stains, odors, small pests, and contaminants that hard flooring options simply do not. If you maintain your carpet with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning you can enjoy it for years to come. However, lacking to perform these simple maintenance tasks will slowly but surely degrade your office space. Make sure you prioritize commercial carpet cleaning before other floor services. 

Use a steam mop. 

Traditional bucket mops simply spread dirt and debris around your floor rather than actually cleaning it. This outdated technology can cause more harm than good, so its best to use a steam mop or other disinfecting solution for tile and hardwood. If you don’t have one, chances are your local facility maintenance specialist will!

Use walk-off mats at high-traffic entrances. 

A walk-off mat or welcome mat can reduce tracked-in dirt by up to a surprising 90% or more. It is therefore imperative that you use walk-off mats to your advantage in high-traffic areas. Your main entrance and any other entrance that leads to a dirt, gravel, or natural pathway should have a walk-off mat. This will help you dramatically reduce the cleaning required for your floors and help them last longer. 

Train your staff in proper care and cleaning of floors. 

While you should always schedule professional cleaning and maintenance services for your floor, your staff can take on some of the responsibility. In high-traffic areas such as office spaces, kitchens, or break rooms, ensure our staff knows the standards of cleanliness in place for your facility. By ensuring everyone picks up trash, cleans spills, and vacuums when necessary, you can save yourself from extra professional cleaning expenses. 

Let MaintenX handle the rest. 

MaintenX offers professional flooring cleaning, repairs, and installation services for commercial facilities of all kinds. We help you keep your floors in tip-top shape, and help you save more when it’s time to renovate. If you want the job done right and for an affordable price, choose MaintenX as your floor cleaning experts. 

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