Emergency Maintenance After A Hurricane

MaintenX is headquartered in the beautiful Sunshine State. While Tampa, Florida is a great place to live and work, our coastline location puts us and our clients at risk during Hurricane season. In 2018 and 2019, two major hurricanes battered our shores and our neighbors to the east. Hurricane Michael, which devastated the Florida panhandle, caused over $25 billion in total damages. Hurricane Dorian, which hit the Bahamas, put thousands in danger as most Dorian victims were unable to evacuate. 

MaintenX’s Disaster Recovery and Rapid Response Team has seen many storms similar to the ones in 2018 and 2019. We have been serving the Florida coast for over 40 years, providing life- and business-saving advice and resources to facility managers who need it. When in trouble, it’s important to have a hurricane safety plan in place.

Bill Schaphorst, our Vice President of Development, gives advice to business owners and facility managers who are in hurricane-prone areas of the coast: “As soon as a hurricane forms, the clock starts ticking down the amount of time remaining to prepare a facility for hurricane landfall and allow time for our personnel to travel back to a safe location. Don’t wait to start making arrangements for your facility or to create your hurricane safety plan.”

Days before any major hurricane, MaintenX workers prepare and deliver sandbags to at-risk coastal areas. Flooding due to storm surge is often the most damaging impact of hurricanes after treefall. MaintenX also has strong relationships with home improvement retailers across the country to provide plywood for board-up requests as a hurricane approaches.  

To help our local business, MaintenX has also invested over $1 million in emergency response and maintenance equipment to quickly restore power after a storm. Power outages lead to millions of lost revenue in a municipality. We try to reduce this economic impact by providing local businesses with generators as quickly as possible when they are ready to open. 

MaintenX does all we can to minimize hurricane damage to local businesses. However, preventative maintenance is the best investment you can make against hurricane damage in Florida. A leaking roof could turn into a major source of water damage, or an out-of-date window could easily shatter and allow an entire building to confront rain and wind damage. By keeping your facility in top-notch condition, you’re preparing your business for hurricane season. 

To learn more about MaintenX’s emergency response services, contact us.