Maintaining Tile Floors In Your Facility

Facility Directors are some of the busiest people in the workforce. Their time quickly gets consumed by putting out fires, dealing with employee issues and overseeing important repairs. However, protecting your investments is essential if you want to maintain the health and appearance of your facility. 

Your tile flooring is one of those essential investments you need to protect. Tile flooring is more expensive than other options like concrete and linoleum, but it’s also more pleasing to visitors. While tile is an ideal option for office spaces and some retail or showroom spaces, it must be meticulously maintained. In order to keep up with your tile, follow these simple tips for making it last:

Know your tile. 

Not all tile is made the same. You will need to customize your maintenance routine depending on the glazing, material, size, and space between the tiles and grout. If you haven’t researched your tile, then your regular maintenance staff won’t know how to care for it. While MaintenX technicians are diligent about tile care, your everyday staff may not know how to properly care for spills or scratches. Having this knowledge as the facility manager will help you be better prepared for regular maintenance. 

Sweep or vacuum regularly, mop once a week. 

If you have tile at your facility, you should not sweep, vacuum, and mop on the same schedule. Sweeping and vacuuming will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating while mopping will help to get the smallest particles out from the grout. However, mopping too frequently may cause issues with the glazing or cause bacteria to spread, resulting in an unpleasant odor and poor looking tiles. Be diligent with your cleaning, but also be smart.  

Pay attention to the grout.

The grout between tiles will often degrade faster than the tiles themselves. It will often chip, break, or discolor over time if not properly maintained. Be sure to clean grout with a gentle cleaner whenever you mop. And, if you notice cracks in the grout call your maintenance technician immediately. 

Avoid wax- and oil-based cleaners.

When choosing cleaning supplies for the office, be careful of the ingredients for your tile cleaner or polish. Products that are oil- or wax-based will degrade the sealant on your tile much more quickly than water-based cleaners. You should also avoid bleach and acidic cleaners to prevent corrosion. 

Follow aftercare instructions from your maintenance team.

Your MaintenX technicians are experts in tile cleaning and repair. We strive to provide the best experience possible, which includes care instructions after a tile cleaning service. We use industry-standard products and equipment to produce a beautiful finish. However, aftercare is just as important to maintain the look and health of your tile.

Tile flooring can be a great long-lasting option for your facility with proper care. If you have any questions about tile flooring, call MaintenX today!