Energy-Efficiency For Multi-Story Buildings

As a facility manager, you are well aware of the challenges of managing a multi-story building. According to the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), office buildings consume nearly one-fifth of all commercial building energy in the U.S. This equates to approximately 93 kBtu (the measurement of heat energy) per square foot of office space. Therefore, it is imperative for large multi-story facilities to take energy efficiency measures seriously if they are to cut costs and reduce environmental impact. 

At MaintenX we strive to help all clients not only save money but improve their building efficiency as a whole. In order to conserve energy in your multi-story building, here’s what we recommend: 

Conduct an energy audit on your facility. 

Before you can cut costs and improve energy efficiency, you need to understand the capacity and energy usage of your current facility. Start by reviewing your power bills from the previous year and compare them to this year’s bills. You may also want to do an audit on your equipment, appliances, and areas of the facility that consume the most energy. Review your audit with a MaintenX technician (or better yet, have us join the inspection), to find ways in which your facility could use less energy on a daily basis. 

Earn your ENERGY STAR Rating.

One of the easiest ways to improve your multi-story building’s energy efficiency is to follow the ENERGY STAR guidelines. This rating will not only help cut energy consumption by up to 35%, but it will improve property value in your facility. ENERGY STAR offers several useful tips for energy consumption from building design to equipment and appliances that conserve energy in commercial buildings. MaintenX can help you reach this level of energy efficiency with green design and appliance installation services. 

Upgrade your HVAC system.

You may not think that something as simple as replacing an old HVAC unit can cut energy costs, but it can do wonders in reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint. HVAC units consume nearly half of a commercial building’s energy. Finding an energy-efficient unit or alternative such as a heat pump can save you thousands of dollars over time.  

Improve your lighting system and fixtures. 

While heating and air conditioning consume nearly 50% of energy, lighting in your building will eat up another 25 – 30% if you’re not diligent. One way to reduce this energy usage is by installing a smart lighting system. Motion-sensor lights, as well as scheduled lighting systems, can help you cut costs. You’ll no longer have to rely on tenants and employees to turn off the lights and save energy when the technology is in place to do so automatically. 

Give MaintenX a call. 

Keeping up with your maintenance schedule is one of the biggest things you can do to extend the life of your facility equipment. Preventative and predictive maintenance services will ensure your equipment runs at peak efficiency. Have a MaintenX technician visit monthly to perform an HVAC tune up, inspect ducts and piping, clean air filters, and perform other predictive maintenance tasks on facility equipment. A little TLC can help your multi-story building reduce energy consumption and create a better working environment for your staff. 

If you’re interested in learning more about energy efficiency for your multi-story building, contact your MaintenX technician today.