Energy Upgrades to Help You Fit the B-Corp Standard

The B-Corp standard is one of the highest standards of ethics in the corporate world. This certification, which is gained through several months or even years of certification, is attained by businesses dedicated to making an environmental and social impact through their operational practices. The B-Corp standard was founded as a motivator for businesses to structure themselves in a way that provides environmental, social, and health benefits to the greater community, and receive recognition for their hard work. However, it takes hard work to reach these goals, part of which is incorporated into a business’ building design. If you are currently in the process of B-Corp certification and want to ensure your building helps you meet the standards, there are several ways you can improve your building’s energy structure: Solar energy Solar is an obvious answer for many commercial facilities, especially those with flat roofing systems. However, investing in solar can be tricky, even with the right incentives and government rebates available to your business. If you can’t install solar directly, consider purchasing it indirectly through credit programs or other energy options through the state. HVAC, lighting, and water upgrades These three elements consume most of the energy in your building, accounting for over half of your facility’s carbon consumption in many cases. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint in major ways, you need to rethink the way your facility uses its resources. HVAC, lighting, and water systems can be built for maximum energy efficiency while still fitting modern needs. Talk to your MaintenX team about upgrades to see where you can cut carbon in major ways. Energy offsets If you live in an area that does not provide energy-efficient options, you may consider purchasing carbon offsets in order to meet B-Corp standards. In smaller cities and rural areas of America, it can be difficult to access the technologies necessary for energy efficiency. However, by purchasing carbon offsets (which in many cases can be tax writeoffs), you are still playing your part while making the most of the resources available in your community. MaintenX can help you build a better business with eco-friendly installments and maintenance services for modern energy-efficient appliances. To learn more about how we can help your business become more energy-efficient and eco-conscious, visit our Resource Center.

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