How To Make Your Facility Fit The WELL Building Standard

In this previous article, we discussed the WELL building standard as it relates to business sustainability in both human and environmental impacts. The WELL Building model takes a holistic approach, looking at the way design can impact not only our carbon footprint, but the ways in which humans can work and thrive in the built environment. By using the WELL standard, businesses, architects, and real estate developers can create healthier workplaces designed for economic and social wellbeing.

However, understanding the WELL Building Standard and putting it into practice are two different disciplines. Below are just a few ways you can more easily incorporate WELL Building standards into your design and facility maintenance approach:

HVAC upgrades

First on the list of the WELL Building Standard is indoor air quality, as it is a top contributor to employee health in the workplace. Upgrading your HVAC system to efficiently cool and ventilate can prevent sick building syndrome while improving overall energy efficiency.

Modern water treatment systems

Wastewater is a primary contributor to commercial environmental impact as well as poor working conditions in many industries. By investing in clean water, your business contributes to the betterment of public health and the environment at large. Ask MaintenX about backflow testing and other water treatment services for your facility.

Modern kitchen design

It can be very difficult for your employees to eat healthily, especially if you do not have an onsite kitchen. Providing a small space for cooking as well as healthy and convenient onsite options can ensure you are meeting nutrition requirements for the WELL Building standard.

LED lighting 

Providing the right lighting to promote energy efficiency as well as employee comfort and productivity is essential for the WELL Building standard. Upgrading to LEDs not only offers adjustable and less harsh lighting for employees but can lower energy consumption tremendously when retrofitted throughout your facility.

Hybrid indoor and outdoor working

Providing a fitness center is not applicable for all businesses, but offering outdoor areas for walking and relaxing during or after the work day can promote mental clarity and give employees a break from their desk chairs.


Modern office spaces can be loud and crowded, which can distract employees who are especially sensitive to loud noises or who prefer to work alone. Soundproofing and upgrading facility systems for noise reduction can promote a more focused and comfortable work environment for all.

Modern ergonomic furniture 

As more employees are adjusting to work-from-home options, they want the modern office space to reflect the chase level of comfort. Ergonomic furniture that is designed with comfort and relaxation in mind can help make employees feel happier at work and therefore more engaged within the office setting.

MaintenX can help you redesign your office space with appliance upgrades and design features that promote health and wellbeing in and outside the facility. For more information on modern sustainable building design, visit our Resource Center.

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