Facility Upgrades To Budget For In 2020

With the New Year less than a month away, you’ve likely already planned a tentative 2020 budget. However, if you’re still on the fence on how to put your 2019 profits to good use, there are several ways in which you can give back to your building. Facility maintenance is not the most glamorous way to upgrade your business, but it is one of the most straightforward. When you invest in your equipment and facility systems, you can see immediate improvement in operational efficiency.

The MaintenX team prides itself on offering affordable maintenance and installation services for a variety of facility projects. Whether you’re planning to upgrade to energy-efficient equipment, or to give your building an aesthetic touch up, we are always here to help. Below are some of the top ways we recommend you invest in your facility this year: 

Roofing and waterproofing

A high-quality roof and waterproof membrane are your facility’s first defenses against water and storm damage. When it comes to the structural needs of your facility, roofing is a top priority. If your roof has not been coated with a waterproof adhesive or is starting to suffer from visible wear and tear, 2020 could be the year to invest in an upgrade. MaintenX offers affordable roofing and waterproofing services for facilities of every size and budget. 

Energy-efficient HVAC system

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning cost you tremendously each month if you’re not invested in energy efficiency. Old and outdated units run up to 30 or 50 percent more than energy-efficient systems, which can drive your power bill up. Instead of waiting for your HVAC system to give out, invest in an energy-efficient unit in 2020. The savings you’ll earn will pay for it in no time. 


Landscaping services are not typically seen as an “upgrade,” but they can be with the right landscaping team. Rather than paying for the bare minimum of service, invest in hew landscape design or a revamping of your outdoor lot design. A little TLC on the exterior will make a huge impression on new customers in 2020. 

An on-call maintenance staff

If you don’t currently have a contract with a maintenance staff for your building, now is the time to do so. In-house janitorial services can be a hassle to manage and require training that your facility may not be able to afford. Instead, outsource your facility maintenance tasks to the experienced professionals at MaintenX. 

MaintenX offers comprehensive plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, and emergency services across 13 states. We uphold a reputation for excellence in our services and relationships with clients. When you’re ready to upgrade for 2020, call your local MaintenX team for help.