Energy-Efficient Heating Options For Large Facilities

Energy efficiency should be a top priority for every facility and maintenance team. The savings you receive on a reduced power bill will return to you and your community. Energy-efficient appliances and commercial equipment often reduce the overall environmental impact of facility operations. Your employees, community, and clients will all benefit from the resource conservation effort when you invest in energy efficiency. 

While there are plenty of energy-efficient appliances and equipment available, not all make the same major impact on your budget. At MaintenX, we recommend that our clients invest in these energy-efficient heating options for optimal savings during the winter: 

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters have been around for many years. Situational on the ceilings and in corners of buildings, they radiate heat throughout a space. These heaters are easy to install and do not require the complex maintenance of other heater types. They are also instant heat sources, as opposed to HVAC systems which must cycle for several minutes before heating a room effectively. 

Radiant heaters are affordable, and can even be used in outdoor spaces for outdoor showrooms or workspace. Radiant heaters do pose some risks, but overall they can be a safe and effective heat source for small buildings. They do, however, become more costly in large, spacious facilities like warehouses and manufacturing plants. 

Warm Air Heating

Warm air space heating systems are very different from radiant heaters. Rather than emitting heat, they draw air from the environment and pass it through a heat exchanger. This cycles warm air with cool air until the entire space is climate-controlled. This is a much more common heating option in both residential and commercial facilities. However, because warm air rises it can be more difficult to maintain an even temperature in spaces with high ceilings. There are several workarounds to this issue. 

Destratification Heating

Warm air heating causes issues when a building has high ceilings and cannot effectively keep a consistent temperature. Destratification heating solves this problem with the addition of destratification fans, pushing warm air back down from the ceiling to the ground level. The implementation of destratification fans makes warm air heating a viable option for many more facilities. 

Commercial Fans

Commercial fans combine heating elements with large fans to push air throughout a building. They combine the elements of warm air heaters and destratification heating into one unit, making commercial fans a lower-cost option. Commercial fans do not automatically regulate temperature. They are better suited for low-cost heating options in large warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

MaintenX specializes in heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. We serve over 13 states with preventative and 24/7 emergency services. If you’re interested in upgrading your heating unit or have questions about energy-efficient options, talk to your local MaintenX team today!