Five Reasons It’s Not Cool Enough In Your Office

Summer is here, and we’re all trying to escape the heat. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, all of our clients are struggling to deal with the heat and humidity. Many have tenants or staff complaining about the indoor temperature, which is the last thing any facility manager wants to happen. While you may think that your HVAC system is to blame, there are many reasons why it’s too hot inside your facility. 

Below are the five most-common building issues we see that contribute to uncomfortable temperatures during the summer. Contact your local MaintenX team if you believe you may be dealing with any of these: 

Space issues. 

If your HVAC unit is not sized properly, it will have a difficult time cooling properly. This will happen if you’ve recently remodeled and the size of the space to be cooled is now larger. This can also happen if your HVAC system is oversized, because it will turn off and on too frequently to maintain a proper temperature. If your facility’s size or usage has changed, you may need to resize your HVAC system as well. 

Air leaks. 

Energy-efficiency isn’t just about the HVAC system itself. A building with air leaks, such as cracks in walls or windows, can allow conditioned air to escape and warm air from outside to come in. This will make it more difficult for your HVAC system to run efficiently, especially if it is an older unit. Do your part by caulking and sealing air leaks whenever you detect them. 

Too much sunlight. 

Having natural light in an office space is ideal, but it can increase your power bill. South and west-facing windows will warm up your space, causing the A/C to work harder. To solve this problem, invest in UV blocking windows or shades to keep unnecessary natural light out. 

Electric heat. 

Sunlight isn’t the only emitter of heat in your office space. Electronics such as computers, copiers, and appliances generate heat whenever they are in use, which makes it more difficult for your A/C to maintain a constant temperature in warmer months. When not in use, turn off or unplug these electronics as well as any unnatural lights that generate heat. 

Repair and maintenance. 

If you are not diligent about your HVAC repair and maintenance, you will inevitably face problems with your system during summer. The hot months will test your HVAC system’s limits, and poor maintenance will become evident as you struggle with inefficiencies and breakdowns. Proper preventative care is your #1 solution to keeping a cool office. 

MaintenX offers comprehensive preventative maintenance and emergency repairs for commercial facilities in all states. Our self-performing contractor network consists of well-trained, dedicated technicians who care about your end results. To learn more about our HVAC repair services, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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