Outsourcing vs. Staffing Your Own Maintenance Program

Facility maintenance is to a business what personal health care is to a body. Maintenance keeps a building in good shape through day-to-day operations and helps it recover quickly in the event of an emergency. And, just like health care, different services are required for different needs. You need daily resources to maintain your health, as well as on-call services for emergency situations. 


Facility maintenance can be broken up into two similar categories. Janitorial maintenance is daily care. These onsite employees take out trash, clean floors and windows, and ensure that the basic maintenance tasks of any building are handled with care. Your specialists, on the other hand, are available for less frequent but more technical (or in some cases emergency) repairs. Choosing the right staffing for your needs is essential in keeping costs low for your maintenance labor, while ensuring you always have the right people for the job. 


Below are some questions you should ask before choosing to hire a full-time janitorial staff, or outsourcing specialized facility maintenance services: 


Is the project or service short-term (i.e. only planned for a few months) or scheduled on an as-needed basis? Or, is this the type of work where you will need staffing every day? 

Some maintenance work, such as janitorial service, can and should be staffed in-house so you can have daily management. However, you won’t need things like HVAC or plumbing repairs every day. Hopefully, these services will only be necessary on a monthly or quarterly basis, which is the circumstance where it is best left to an outsourced team. Other short-term projects, such as remodels and renovations, are also better suited to an outsourced staff. 


Do you have the budget to pay for employee benefits? 

One major benefit of outsourcing from a contractor network is that you do not have to worry about the red tape of hiring. You don’t have to pay for insurance or sick leave, match 401K plans, or pay for training. For jobs that you don’t have the time or budget for full-time employees, you can choose to outsource to a facility maintenance service. 


Do you need a specialist or do you simply need a handyman?

You may be able to hire a handyman full-time, but for specialized services such as plumbing repair or commercial refrigeration maintenance, you’ll want to choose a contractor. This will help you save money while still receiving expert care for your building.  


Can you hire the best technicians in your area?

It can be difficult to find the best of the best in facility maintenance to hire as full-time staff. Specialized technicians often pursue lucrative independent contractor work because there is just not enough demand from one business. MaintenX, on the other hand, offers you the best local service technicians who work in an independent contractor network. It’s the best of both worlds. You receive the quality work of full-time staff, but in a way that is cost-effective and efficient. 


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